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Jag isn’t quite sure how Chase can go from being filled with so much energy it’s like he’s been zapped by lightning to spending hours sleeping like a sack of stones. For what has to be the sixth time since they started the trip, Jag throws his front paws over the front of the seat, whining, “isn’t he up yet?”

“No,” says Zarro, not even having to move away from the window to check. “You’ll know when he’s up.”

Princess points out, “it’s a little strange for him to sleep through the first leg of the drive, isn’t it?”

Zarro’s ears flick. “A little. But he’s been up late, playing that new game of his.”

“New game?”

“You know, the one with the stars.”

“I haven’t heard him talking about it,” says Princess.

Zarro says, “I’m sure that he’ll have us all join him in it on this run. If it’s long enough, that is.”

Jag points out, “did you see the bags that WooFDriver packed? There’s no way that this is a day trip.”

Princess puts her paws over the back of the middle seat, so she can get in on the conversation easier. “So, Chase has some new game he’s made up, and Jag’s managed to rope us into an odd little scavenger hunt. Do you have anything that you want to throw at us too, Zarro?”

Zarro tilts his head to the side, as if he’s honestly considering it. Then he tilts his head to the other side.

Princess squints at him. “The answer to that had better be no.”

“The answer,” says Zarro, before pausing for a very, very long time. “Is maybe.”

Princess’s hackles raise. “Maybe? What do you mean by maybe?”

“Maybe means maybe.” Zarro turns to look back out the window. “It depends on where we’re going and what the scavenger hunt’s going to involve. I’ll let you know later on.”

There’s a teasing lilt to his words. He’s just trying to get under Princess’s skin. It works. The female husky throws herself back onto the last bench seat with a huff.

Jag says, “That was a little mean of you, Zarro.”

Zarro’s tail gives a happy little thump. “You two should try and sleep, too. Chase’s game can only be played at night. You’re going to need the rest, and there’s nothing interesting to look at outside yet, anyway.”

That’s true. There are nothing but trees and highway signs outside right now. Relenting, Jag lays down on his own seat. “Fine. But you need to wake me the moment he gets up!”


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