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They take a week to go back home and rest, after a bit of convincing from WooFDriver’s lovely wife. Jag’s happy enough with it. He likes being at the house. Their yard is large, and they get to spend time with the dogs that aren’t active parts of their running team.

But, more importantly, there’s an extra bit of excitement in watching the people get ready. They always leave for runs very early. Chase is never fully awake when he’s loaded into the Jumbo Jet. The moment that he and Zarro are both in the car, he drops down onto the seat and yawns. Chase curls up, going right back to sleep.

Lulu is in the front yard, watching them. Their Human Momma is standing off to the side, keeping track of the little dog.

Lulu asks, “do you know where you’re going?”

“Not yet,” says Jag.

Lulu sighs. “I wish I could go with you.”

“Didn’t you have enough fun the last time that you went on a run with us?”

Lulu bristles. “No! That just made me want to do even more things! I want to see places too!”

“I’ll make a deal with you,” says Jag. He doesn’t often make deals, but he also doesn’t like to see Lulu upset.

Lulu’s eyes brighten. Her ears perk up. “What kind of deal?”

“I’ll bring you something cool back from this run,” says Jag. “But you have to find something cool here for when we get back.”

Lulu tilts her head to the side. “Like a scavenger hunt?”

“Exactly like a scavenger hunt,” says Jag.

WooFDriver comes over and takes up Jag’s leach. He pauses to give Lulu a pet. “Alright,” says WooFDriver. “You watch the house with your momma, Lulu. Jag, let’s load up.”

Tail wagging, Jag hops into the front seat of the Jumbo Jet. The leash and halter are removed, and Jag is allowed to stretch out as he wants. WooFDriver doesn’t get in right away, instead going over to talk to his wife.

Jag takes this chance to stand up on his hind legs, hooking his front legs over the back of the seat. “Okay, guys. We’ve got to do something special on this run.”

Chase whines and covers his muzzle with his paw. “Sleeping! It’s too early for anything special!”

Zarro paws at Chase. “Wake up then. You’re the one who likes games the most.”

“It’s not a game,” says Jag. His ears flick. “Well, maybe it’s a game. Lulu’s sad. I told her we would find something on this next run to bring back for her. Like a scavenger hunt. I figure we can all try to find something special.”

“Sounds like work,” says Zarro.

Chase, with a big doggy yawn, says, “nah. Sounds like fun. Just…fun for a little later, maybe?”

Jag relents with a short bark of laughter. “Fine. Fun for later. We can make plans once we know where we’re going.”

With that in mind, the WoofPack settles in for the drive…and Chase goes back to sleep.


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