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“And we’re sold,” says WooFDriver. “I think that’s everywhere that we were supposed to hit up.”

Chris asks, “so we’re good on this run?”

WooFDriver nods. “Yeah. I think it’s about time we go home, take a break, and then hit up the next one. I’ll map out our run.”

Zarro asks, “do you hear that?”

“We’re going to go back home,” says Jag. “That’s good. I’m glad they got…whatever they wanted to get out of this.”

Princess says, “I’m glad we were able to help the birds.”

Zarro asks, “do you think the birds will be like this when we get back home, too?”

Chase wags his tail, hard. His tongue lulls out of the side of his mouth when he gives a big, happy doggy grin. “I hope so! I really liked running with them! That hawk was so cool! I want to talk to hawks back home, and then maybe – maybe they can follow us on runs more often?”

“I don’t know how much I would like that,” admits Zarro. “Being watched all the time?”

Princess stands up. “I’m just glad that we were here this time around.”

The WooFPAK watch as the Pit Crew and WooFDriver load everything back up into the Jumbo Jet and the truck, and then let themselves be loaded back in, too. The AC is turned on, knocking off the summer heat.

WooFDriver leans around the passenger seat, grinning at Rhett and the WooFPAK. “You guys ready to head home?”

“Absolutely,” says Rhett.

Jag gives a bark of agreement. He stretches out, licking at the palm of WooFDriver’s hand. “This was fun, but I’m glad we’re going home.”

“Me too,” says Chase. He presses his nose to the window, watching the world spin past around them.

“Because that means we get to start an entirely new adventure soon! The start of the run is always the best!”

Zarro laughs. “Okay, I’ve got to agree with you on that. There’s nothing better than that first run, getting to see exactly what waits for us! The unknown! The expectations!”

Even Princess adds on, “knowing that there’s something brand new to discover.”

So, yes, the dogs were just as excited to go home – but not for the rest. No, they were excited to go home. They were excited because going home meant they would soon be going somewhere entirely new, and that meant another adventure – another chance to meet someone new – and another chance to help people.


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

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