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When they go out on their run the next morning, the sky is still painted in brilliant hues of pink and orange. Princess feels alive, more so than she has this entire run! Finally, the sense of wrongness has left her!

She eagerly accepts her halter being put on, and then takes her place in the lead-line hooked to the WooFMobile.

WooFDriver gets into the vehicle behind her, and gives the signal for them to start moving. It’s a slightly downhill stretch of trail, and not a particularly long one. This trip will be over soon, no doubt! The engine for the WooFMobile stays idle, leaving the dogs to do most of the work.

It’s a great chance for them to really stretch their legs, flex their muscles, and have a good time of it. They haven’t been moving for more than a few feet before it starts. Above them, the trees burst to life with bird song!

“They are watching us,” says Princess, excitedly.

“Feels weird,” says Zarro. “Not sure I like having that many eyes on me.”

“It’s not weird,” says Chase. “This is so cool! We get to show off how fast and strong and awesome we are!” Then, louder, to the birds, he calls out, “hello!”

The end word comes out as a howl.

Princess laughs and takes up the call. Jag rolls his eyes but howls as well, and even Zarro can’t help but join in. There’s nothing better than a good pack howling, after all!

WooFDriver laughs from his spot in the WooFMobile, calling out, “it looks like someone’s having a good time this morning! I knew that coming out here again would be a good idea!”

“A great idea,” says Princess, even though she knows that WooFDriver can’t understand it. Really, the husky dog isn’t sure what the humans get out of taking a trail twice, but she knows that it was meant to be all the same. After all, it’s only through coming down this trail that they were able to help Acorn!

There’s something to be said about being in the right spot at the same time.

There’s a rustle above them. A tree branch dips low – and then a hawk swoops down, passing over head of them.

The shutter of WooFDriver’s camera goes off.

The hawk flies above them for a little bit. Unlike the songbirds, the hawk stays quiet – but it’s clear that it’s only hear, flying with them, as a show of thanks.

By the time that the hawk has vanished and WooFDriver is starting to pull them to a stop, Princess’s heart is full to bursting.

This, she thinks, might be one of our best runs yet!


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

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