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Princess isn’t sure if she’s glad to be out of the car or not. The earth is solid under his paws, steady and unyielding. The wind is calm and cool, all signs of a storm having passed on, leaving nothing but clear weather behind. And the harness is familiar, the way it clings to her, sits on her, a steady comfort.

According to WooFDriver, they’re almost done with the trail. It’s short, compared to some of the ones that they’ve been through before. But she can’t bring herself to pay attention.

Princess is only focused on the world around her. The rocks that dig into her paws. The sound of mice skittering through the underbrush. The sound of – and then it hits her.

Princess asks, “where are the birds?”

Chase flicks his ears towards her. “What?”

“I can’t hear any birds,” says Princess. “I haven’t heard any of them since we found that – that Acorn bird. And I still can’t hear anything.”

Jag says, “she’s right. I can’t hear any of them either. That’s definitely weird. There should be birds all over this part of the trail. But I haven’t heard any of them in a while. It’s really weird.”

“I told you something was going on,” says Princess. “I told you it was weird! I could tell, I could feel it!”

“Maybe they’re mourning her,” says Zarro, softly. “If she didn’t make it, maybe they’re mourning her.”

Princess whines. “I hadn’t thought of that.”

Chase says, “that would be sad. Do you think they would all mourn her?”

“I think we would all mourn each other,” says Zarro. “I think that birds have friends and systems, just the same way dogs and cats do. We just don’t normally get to see it.”

Princess says, “if that’s what this is, we should mourn her too.”

Jag’s ears pin back. “Why?”

Princess says, “because we were the last ones to speak with her. I think that’s a good thing to do. If…if someone found me, I would want them to remember me.”

And so it’s decided that, when this run is finished, that the WooFPAK will gather, and they’ll cast their own service for the bird. She deserves to be remembered, as all creatures do.


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

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