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Loading everything up is a flurry of frantic, rushed motions. Some of them take pictures of the bird, some of them make phone calls. Chris helps load the WooFMobile up, and then the WooFPAK themselves are loaded into the car, tucked into their respective seats.

It rumbles to life with a turn of the key, and then they’re peeling off, towards the main road. Princess is in the back seat, where she always is. She’s restless and nervous, and can’t find a spot that’s comfortable enough it lets her be settled.

She puts her paws up on the back of the seat in front of her, asking, “can you see the bird?”

Jag is in the very front seat. He says, “Chris has it. It’s very still. Bird, can you hear me?”

Weakly, the bird trills, “am I going to be eaten?”

Aghast, Princess barks out, “of course not! Our humans are going to help you, bird!”

Chase chimes in, “I know this is probably really scary, but we promise everything is going to be okay!”

“You can’t trust a wolf,” says the bird.

Zarro responds, “we aren’t wolves. We’re huskies. We’re the WooFPAK! And we’re going to help you.”

“Oh,” says the bird, but she sounds very doubtful. “I hurt an awful lot.”

Princess’s heart goes out to the poor thing. She asks, “do you have a name, bird?”

There’s a very long silence. For a moment, Princess is certain that the bird isn’t going to answer. But then, she tweets, “Acorn. My flock calls me Acorn. They must be worried about me.”

“I’m sure they are,” says Princess. “Will you be able to find them again?”

“I don’t know,” answers Acorn, sadly. “I’ve never been so far from them before. We’ve always been together!”

Princess promises, “if I can help you, Acorn, I will. I’m Princess. And these – these are my brothers. We’re family. A pack. Just like your flock.”

“That’s very strange,” says Acorn. “Princess? I’m very tired.”

“Sleep then,” says Princess. “The humans will help you heal.”

The bird goes silent after that, and the WooFPAK goes silent, too. None of them wants to be the dog that wakes Acorn up. Even without hearing her story, they can tell that she’s been through an awful lot.

And so, Princess tries her best to settle down, even if she’s twice as restless as she had been before. She stretches out on the bench seat, rests her muzzle on her paws, and tries to sleep.

But sleep will not come.

And Princess knows that this?

This is only the beginning.

There’s another problem brewing, and she’s not sure any of her pack mates are going to be fit to handle it.


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

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