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Chase asks, “what kind of bird?”

Zarro snorts, ears flicked back. “I’m not a bird expert. How should I know?”

Princess isn’t sure what kind of bird it was, either. She says, “it had a lot of brown feathers. Could anyone see what was wrong with it?”

“I don’t know,” says Jag. “I smelled blood, though.”

“That’s not reassuring,” grumbles Princess.

Chase says, “I bet this is why you’ve felt funky the whole trip. Cause something was telling you a bad thing was going to happen, and this is the bad thing.”

Instincts are funny that way. They often show up without meaning or explanation, a feeling that the animal is left to parse out on their own.

“Probably,” says Princess. “I just hope…I hope WooFDriver’s able to help.”

Jag and Zarro trade looks, a silent conversation.

Princess growls. “Whatever you’re thinking, spill it.”

“It’s nothing,” says Jag. “I just…does WooFDriver know how to help birds?”

Zarro adds, “birds are a lot different from dogs.”

“He’s helped a lot of animals,” says Princess. “I’ve even seen him help a deer before.”

Chase asks, “when did he do that? I don’t remember it!”

“You weren’t there for it,” says Princess. “It was just the two of us. And it doesn’t matter, either. IF WooFDriver can’t figure out how to help the bird, he’ll take it to someone that does. That’s what WooFDriver does. You know that.”

“Right,” says Jag, but he still doesn’t sound horribly convinced on the matter.

Not that it matters.

Princess knows that if anyone can help this bird, it’s going to be WooFDriver.

They regroup with the rest of their human companions, the Pit Crew gathering around to look at the bird that WooFDriver’s brought back. Princess still can’t get a look at the poor thing, not past all of the legs and bodies. She twists this way and that, weaving between their feet, until WooFDriver tells her and the other dogs to, “go find a spot.”

Sulking, she does, creeping to a nearby patch of grass. Princess lays down with a huff, staring at the humans. Mostly, they ignore her. That just makes Princess more desperate to figure out what’s going on. She belly scoots closer, one little inch at a time – right up until Chase comes over, flopping down beside her.

Chase says, “I heard Chris say it looks like the bird’s wing is broken.”

Princess tilts her head to the side, ears twitching. “That’s…bad, right? Like us, if we broke a leg.”

“Yeah. They all seem worried,” says Chase. “But Chris says he knows someone that lives near here, and they might know someone who can help. So I guess we’re not gonna finish the trail, or at least we’re not gonna finish it right now, cause we’ve gotta take the bird to help. I don’t really get it, because WooFDriver could just have Chris or Guy or Jim or someone else take the bird for help, and then we could still finish the trail?”

“I get it,” says Princess. Already, a knot of tension is starting to loose itself. “He wants to see it all the way through. Honestly, so do I. I wouldn’t be happy not knowing how this ends. I…feel like I need to be there for it.”

“Weird,” says Chase, honest as always. “But I guess we’ve been through weirder by now, huh?”

“Yeah,” says Princess, her own tail giving a single solid thump against the hard packed earth. “We’ve been through a lot weirder than this. Besides, I’m sure WooFDriver will bring us back to finish the trail when we’ve got the bird squared away.”

Otherwise, it would be left unfinished.

And that’s not something either of them are good at doing.


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

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