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Much to Princess’s dismay, WooFDriver does make a decision.

That decision is to cut the engine completely, make sure that all of the leads are hooked to the halters, and the leads hooked to the car, and then go off into the nearby crunch of woods to locate the bird.

Chase says, “with the sounds that bird is making, WooFDriver shouldn’t have any problems locating it.”

Princess whines, “I still wish that he would have taken one of us with him. We could have found it faster and…”

“And then what?” Jag shakes his head. “WooFDriver trusts us, but we’re still dogs. We chase birds.”

“We wouldn’t hurt it,” insists Princess.

“But he can’t talk to us,” says Jag. “He can’t know that for sure. He’s trying to do what’s best for everyone.”

Zarro says, “besides, if I was a bird, I wouldn’t want to have a bunch of big dogs run up to me while I was hurt. That would make things even worse, I think, ‘cause then I would be scared on top of being hurt.”

“I guess,” says Princess, lowly. She knows that this is the best way to do it. It just still has her nervous. There’s a bad feeling in her chest, and she hates being unable to do anything but wait.

Unfortunately, waiting is the only thing that Princess can do.

They wait almost ten minutes before WooFDrive comes back out, a large bird wrapped up in his jacket and pressed against his chest.

“Okay, guys. We’re making a detour. So much for the Memory Run, right?” WooFDriver clambers up into the WooFMobile, very careful of his living package. The bird makes soft cooing sounds, but they aren’t words, even to the dogs.

It just sounds like it’s afraid, and in a lot of pain.

On a whime, Princess tells the bird, “it’s alright, little one. We’re going to help you. I need you to be brave. Our human isn’t going to hurt you, and neither are we. We’re going to make you feel better, and that’s a promise.”

The promise is real, Princess knows. She means it with all of her heart. So long as the bird is with them, Princess knows nothing else will get it.

But still, as the engine for the WooFMobile roars to life, Princess still finds herself hoping against hope that it’s strong enough to hold on until they’re able to get it help.

“We’re going to meet with the others,” says WooFDriver. “Let’s get this problem fixed!”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author


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