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For all that Princess is concerned and a little worried about the trip. It still makes for a very fun run. There’s something about being outside, in the wild, that will never cease to amaze her. The fresh air fills Princess’s lungs. The ground gives and crunches beneath her paws. The harness sits around her shoulders like it’s a second skin, like it’s a part of her that she had forgotten but was always meant to have.

And the river!

This might have been a route that she’s taken in the past, but it’s one that still fills her with joy. There’s something about running near the river that’s just special. And maybe that’s not universal – maybe it’s just that Princess has a particular fondness for those things.

She likes rivers better than caves and deserts, that’s for certain!

And – alright, she’ll admit. Being able to pay a little less attention to the path is nice. It gives Princess a chance to just focus on the elements around her, and the world as it passes by. Birds above them. Mice and squirrels in the trees. The faint trace of a hawk in the air.

Jag must be able to tell. He laughs, says, “it’s a good run!”

“Alright,” says Princess, her bad mood already gone. It’s been sapped away by the perfect, lovely weather. The wind ruffles her fur in just the right way, and she feels alive! “You win! It’s a good run! We’re having fun, and it’s been a good run so far. I get it , you were right.”

Jag looks immensely pleased with himself, tail wagging as they move ever on wards.

They stop when they get to the bend in the river, just like WooFDriver said that they would. The others are already there, ready for whatever it is that they’re doing. As soon as he’s out of the WooFMobile, he walks up, scratches each dog on the top of the head, behind their ears, and pulls out his little handheld camera.

He points it at himself first, announcing, “alright, everyone. We’re here again, and I know, I don’t usually do this sort of thing. But I know some people have been following my sites since the very start, and I wanted to show you all the then and the now. So when this gets posted, there’s going to be a bunch of information on our first trip out here, but there’s also going to be this. How we look now.”

The camera turns onto the WooFPAK, then, and WooFDriver takes a moment to share a few facts about each dog; who came first, what they like to eat, the best way to get them ready for a run.

Princess tilts her head to the side, “isn’t this still strange?”

“I don’t know,” says Chase. “I think it’s cool. We’ve never been able to come back to a place before. Hey, guys! Guys, which one do you want to go too again? Do you remember that canyon we went too? That was cool!”

“I don’t want to go back there,” says Princess, affronted.

Jag adds on, “you and Lulu had fun, though!”

Zarro says, “she could even go with you again!”

“I’ll pass,” says Princess. She might be on good terms with the little Chinese Crestent back home, but that doesn’t mean she wants to get trapped in a cave with the dog again. “What do you think made him do this?”

Jag asks, “you mean, this run?”

“Yeah. I wonder if something happened, the reason we’re out here.”

“Well…oh. I hadn’t thought about that.” Jag watches as WooFDriver goes to meet up with Chris. “He doesn’t look upset. I think he must just be planning something. And I’m sure we’ll find out what it is as soon as we get running again.”


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