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Blair County, Pennsylvania.

That’s what the sign says, sliding past outside. Princess shifts in her seat, unsure if she’s excited about this or not. They go to trails in Pennsylvania fairly often, always with mixed results. Some of them are hits, and others…well, she’s just going to say that the only time she’s ever been chased by a bear, it was in Pennsylvania.

The Jumbo Jet is a large vehicle, with three rows of bench seats that the dogs are divided up between. Jag, in the first row.

Zarro and Chase in the middle row.

Princess, in the back row.

And up front, presently, are the two humans that they love and know. Bill Helman, the WooFDriver, and his best friend, and pit crew member, Chris.

Princess rests her muzzle on the top rest of the seat in front of her. “Do you think we’re going to meet up with the others on this trip?”

“It’s usually more than just two of us, right?” Chase doesn’t manage to even pull his snout away from the window when he asks it. “I bet we’re going to meet up with the others when we get…wherever we’re going!”

“The Lower Trail,” answers Jag. “I think it’s near here. Like, it shouldn’t take us much longer to get there.”

“We usually meet up with the others before we leave, at least for a bit,” says Princess. “I wonder why we aren’t doing that this time?”

“I don’t know,” says Zarro. “I’m sure WooFDriver has his reasons.”

“He’s been really quiet,” says Princess. “Do you think something’s wrong?”

All eyes and ears turn towards the front seat. WooFDriver is leaning against the passenger side door. He’s got his phone out, scrolling through something on it. Princess can’t make it out from here, but she knows from experience it’s probably information on the trail they’re going down.

Princess asks, “where did you say we were going again?”

“The Lower Trail,” answers Jag. “Unless something’s changed since we left the house, at least. That’s what WooFDriver and Chris were talking about, and they haven’t said anything about going somewhere different since then, so.”

“That sounds familiar,” says Princess. She falls back onto her bench seat with a noisy huff, making a show of stretching out over the entire seat. She loves having to not share her seat!

Chase’s ears twitch. “Does it? You know, it does! Now that Princess has mentioned it, we’ve been here before, haven’t we?”

“I wouldn’t think so,” says Zarro. “We don’t usually go to the same trail more than once, unless it branches off. Maybe that’s the case with this one? Maybe there’s a path on it we didn’t go down last time.”

“I don’t remember anything about the trail,” admits Princess. She stares at the back of the bench seat in front of her. It’s gray on gray on gray. If she stares long enough, it makes her vision swim and start to blur.

She blinks.

Then she blinks a second time.

“I just remember the name of it. The Lower Trail.” Blinking doesn’t make the back of the seat any more interesting, so she closes her eyes instead. “It must be something special, if we’re going down it a second time.”

She can’t see it from this angle, but she can hear Chase’s tail start thumping against the seat in front of her. “Oh, I hope so! I bet this is going to be a great run! We’re going to find all kinds of cool things that we didn’t last time, just you wait!”

“I don’t know,” says Zarro, sounding thoroughly unconvinced. “I kind of like going to new places each time. It’s more exciting this way.”

“What? No! This can be exciting too,” insists Chase. “Just you wait! This is going to be a really fun time!”

Princess finds herself hoping that he’s right.

They’re all due for a fun time.


Katelynn E Koontz – Author


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