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“One hundred and fifty miles,” says WooFDriver. He’s standing just outside of the WooFMobile, hands on his hips, talking into the camera. “That’s what makes up the Great Allegheny Passage. From Pittsburgh to Cumberland, and we’ve almost done it all. We’ve passed beautiful mountain ranges, forests, farmland, and now we’re about to go through the part of the trail that runs through Pittsburgh. I’ll be honest, it’s my favorite part.”

“A trail that runs through a city,” muses Princess. “That seems so strange to me. What’s the point of it?”

Jag says, “maybe the city wasn’t here before? The trail existed, and then the city grew out to meet it. That’s what happens a lot of the time, right? But most cities close up the trails and build over them.”

“Like our city,” said Jag, knowingly. “I can smell the old trails sometimes, but you don’t see them anymore. It’s just a bunch of cement and stuff now. People are weird.”

WoofDriver continued to explain, “we’ve gone through most of it. We’ve seen the wildflowers, the small cities that dot the sides of this trail. We’ve seen some really cool things out here, and even had a few close encounters with the local wildlife! Always a risk when you go out on a trail, by the way. You’re in the animals home.”

Chase rolled onto his back, stomach up, legs in the air. “Ugh! This is so boring! I just wanna move on from here! Where’s the trail, huh? I was promise one last run and it was gonna be super cool and fun and everything!”

Princess nudges him with her nose. “Wasn’t running from a bear enough excitement from you?”

Chase wraps both paws around his muzzle, as dogs often did, and whined. “No! That wasn’t enough at all! I want a real cool exciting run! The trip’s almost over, and I want it to end on a bang! A pop! A pow!”

Zarro flops down next to his friend. “You think we’re going to find all of those things on a trail in the city?”

“Sure!” Chase flops onto his side, finally. His tail gives a few low, slow thumps. “I mean, it’s gonna be so different from what we normally do! It’s gonna have, like, all kinds of things that you don’t see out in the wild! Maybe we’ll find a raccoon!”

Jag lets out a bark of laughter. “How is finding a raccoon a good thing?”

“Cause it would be exciting,” says Chase, with the air of someone who’s explaining a very simple concept to a very young pup.

Jag bristles at the tone.

Before an argument could start up, Princess sits back on her haunches. Her tail beats happily against the hard packed earth. “It looks like we’re about to find out exactly how exciting it’s going to be. They just put up the camera.”

Princess is right.

The camera has been put up. Half of the pit crew get into their cars, ready to follow along at a distance or else wise meet up with WooFDriver and the WoofPAK at the other end of the trail. The rest of them, WooFDriver included, were busy lowering the WooFMobile from the top of the Jumbo Jet and getting everything together for the last leg of their journey down the Great Allegheny Pass.

“Yes,” barks Chase. He rolls onto his paws so fast that he almost tramples Zarro and has to bark out an apology. “This is great! I wanna see Pittsburgh! I wanna see the rest of this trail!”

His excitement is contagious. Before long, the entire WoofPAK is champing at the bit for their last run down the Great Allegheny Pass. And from the way WooFDriver acts when he hooks up their harness, he’s just as excited for it.


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

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