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Very little happens until they arrive at the Big Savage Tunnel. It’s one of the most popular land marks on the Great Alleghany Trail. WooFDriver explains, “according to this page, the mountain is named for a man named John Savage. He was an early surveyor in the seventeen hundred’s. Says he only narrowly avoided being a victim of cannibalism.”

Chris lets out a low, long whistle. “Guess naming a mountain off of him is the least they can do.”

WooFDriver snorts. “I don’t know, man. I think I’d like a little more than just having a mountain named after me somewhere.”

Jag perks up. He sits in the front bench seat just behind Chris and WooFDriver. “Can you imagine? I’d never eat another dog!”

Zarro and Chase have the middle bench seat. Chase whines. He’s far more interested in pressing his face against the window and looking at the tunnel than he is the history behind it. “We’re going in there, right? It looks like it would be so much fun to go in there! Way more fun than the places we’ve been at.”

Princess sits in the very last bench seat. Like Jag, she has the row to herself. She makes an amused sound. “Didn’t you like our very long car ride?”

Zarro asks, “or that place we stopped at to eat? I liked that one. Jim snuck us burgers!”

“It was good,” agrees Chase. “I’d rather go running through that tunnel though!”

WooFDriver says, “it’s a formerly abandoned railway tunnel. This is the longest tunnel on the whole trail. It’s closed off in the winter, because it can get iced over really fast.”

“So, we’re going through it?”

“Absolutely! I mean, how can we pass it up?”

“Not much left on this trail before we hit the end of it.”

“That’s what I’m thinking too,” says WooFDriver. He waves a hand, gesturing at the front of the tunnel. “That’s why I figured we should really enjoy this part of it, you know?”

Chris gives him a grin. “You got it, boss.”

There’s not much sense in pulling the WooFMobile’s down for the trip through the Big Savage Tunnel. Which is a shame, if you ask Jag. They’ve done far too much free running during their trip through the Great Alleghany Trail. He’s itching to get the weight of the WooFMobile at his back again.

But this will do for now. The dogs wait patiently while WooFDriver slathers their paws with a thick wax. It’s meant to keep their sensitive paw pads safe from the rough stone of the tunnel. It’s not Jag’s favorite thing, because the wax often gets the fur on his paws sticking together, but he understands the importance of it, and he likes that WooFDriver puts so much thought into every part of their journey.

The Big Savage Tunnel is at the top of a long climb. The air temperature inside the tunnel is easily a good twenty degrees colder than the air outside of it. A thick fog has settled inside. The moment they set paw into the tunnel, their visual field cuts down in half.

There are ceiling lights installed into the Big Savage Tunnel, but the fog is so thick and heavy that they don’t do any good. The ground is lost beneath thick, billowing clouds of silver and gray.

“Wow,” says WooFDriver. “This is really cool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen fog this thick before.”

Jag shifts from one paw to the other. He bumps his shoulder against Princess’s flank. “Think this is going to be fun?”

Princess snorts. Her eyes are lit up though, gleaming with excitement. “I think it’s going to be better than wandering around another town.”

Chase yips, “this is going to be great! Come on guys, look at this place! We’re gonna have so much fun in here!”

Zarro is quick to agree with his friend, adding, “I think the fog is going to make it even more fun. I mean, it’s great when you get to go through something like this. Makes it really different from anywhere else.”

The beam from WooFDriver’s flashlight is swallowed by the fog. Still, he takes a bold, brave step forward and says, “alright, guys. Let’s have some fun!”


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