November 23, 2018 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

They say goodbye in the early morning hours the following day.

Legacy sits in the back seat with his new little girl, and the window is cracked just enough that he can call out, “thank you, for everything! I wouldn’t have this chance if it wasn’t for you! I wouldn’t be able to have my new girl!”

“You deserve every hug and kiss,” calls Chase. He runs along the car for as long as his lead allows. “You can be the best friend that girl ever gets, I know it! You’re going to be an amazing pet! They’re going to love you!”

The car takes a turn. The last thing they hear Legacy shout is, “thank you, WooFPAK! Thank you for everything!”

The clouds are still hanging heavy in the sky, but Chase can’t help but think it’s a beautiful day. There’s something really amazing about knowing that Legacy is going to have a wonderful home. It’s only made better by the fact that they’re about to head out from this town, where the rain seems to gather like hounds at a food bowl.

WooFDriver loads the dogs up as soon as Legacy vanishes from sight. The humans follow suit, and soon they are on the road and heading out of town.

Chris keeps the radio turned off. “Jim’s pretty torn up.”

Rhett says, ‘I told him to keep the dog. Everyone could tell he loved the thing.”

“Yeah. He did,” agrees WooFDriver. He cracks the back three sets of windows open for the dogs. “But he knows that little girl needed a friend. Only reason she would have been out, you know? Kids like that, dog’s are great at helping them. Whatever’s going on at her house, she’s got a friend to keep her head on straight now.”

“I know,” says Rhett. “I just feel bad for Jim. He needs a friend too, you know? That guy – man, I haven’t seen his eyes light up like that in a long while.”

WooFDriver is silent for a very, very long moment. When he finally speaks, it’s with the sort of seriousness and determination that no one can ignore. “Then we just have to work really hard at giving him more reasons to light up. How about we leave the next stop up to him? Maybe there’s somewhere out here he wants to go.”

“That sounds like a plan,” says Chris. “Why don’t you give him a call, and let me know where he wants to stop?”

WooFDriver pulls his phone out. “Got you covered. Just drive slow until then.”

In the backseat, Chase drapes himself over Zarro. “I feel bad for Jim. I mean, I’m thrilled for Legacy! But I still feel bad for him.”

Zarro nuzzles up against Chase. It’s been a very long stop for all of the dogs. Running around in the storm has left them all beyond exhausted. “I know. We should try and do something special for him.”

From the very back seat, Princess chimes in, “you heard WooFDriver. We’re going to stop somewhere just for him. When we do, we should make sure to give him as much love as we can. I get the feeling that he’s going to need a couple of dog piles right around now.”

“He did a good thing,” is Jag’s tired sounding verdict. “Now it’s time for us to do a good thing for him.”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author