October 22, 2018 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Chase goes until he can no longer find the fire. It carries them deep into the city. Unfamiliar streets stretch out around them. The storm gets worse instead of lighter. But that warm feeling in Chase’s chest gets stronger, too, and he knows they’re going the right way.

“Chase,” whines Zarro. “Do you really know where we’re going?”

“WooFDriver isn’t asking me that,” snaps Chase. His ears flick back, irritated. “You shouldn’t either! Just trust me, okay? I know what I’m doing! I know where we’re going! Legacy is just up here, I know it!”

Chase makes a sudden turn. It’s both because this is the way that they need to go, but also because he doesn’t want to have that conversation, he doesn’t want to hear that the others doubt him.

Out of everyone in the WooFPAK, Chase is the best at tracking. He can sniff out most anything from most anywhere – and this is no exception. So he leads them through the winding streets until they come upon a cross road.

Stopping, Chase throws his head back, lets out a single lone howl.

There’s a moment of silence, and then the sound is returned.

“It’s Legacy,” says Princess.

“Thank God,” says WooFDriver. “Legacy! Legacy, come here!”

“It’s okay,” calls out Chase. “We’re here to help! You don’t have to be scared anymore!”

Legacy appears in the mouth of an alley. The old dog is soaked to the bone. It shows off scars and old, healing scrapes. “She’s this way,” says Legacy. “Hurry!”

And then he vanishes again.

“Wait,” yelps Jag.

“Legacy,” says WooFDriver, quickly heading after the missing dog. “It’s okay, boy. You just come here now, alright?”

Legacy is standing in the middle of the alley, about ten foot in. “She’s not hurt. I can’t get her up though.”

“Her?” Chase asks, but then he sees it. There’s a small human girl curled up against the wall of the alley. She’s wearing her pajama’s.

He saw her in his dreams.

She was one of the girls that drowned when the damn was built.

But she’s not drowned, here. She’s just wet and cold and shivering.

WooFDriver curses, rushing forward. He drops onto his knees beside the girl, whispering kind things to her. Chase ignores them in favor of walking over to Legacy, rubbing his side up against that of the old dog.

“I’m so glad you’re okay,” says Chase. “It started to rain and then it started to storm and there was that lightning and the fire and I was worried.”

Legacy looks bewildered. “What?”

“I thought that you might have left because the storm scared you but then I realized that you’ve probably seen a lot of things that were way more scary than thunder.” Chase rests his muzzle on Legacy’s back, taking in the warmth that resonates off the dog even through the rain. “And I knew you must have left for a reason. This is a good reason.”

Jag says, “he didn’t leave because of the girl, Chase. He probably just found her here.”

“I knew her dad,” says Legacy, instead of answering either option. “Your human can help her, right?”

“Yes,” says Chase, firmly. “He can.”

They take the girl back to the cars for the time being. The dogs are bundled into the seats, dripping water all over the place. Legacy howls out one last thank you to Chase and the other members of the WooFPAK before the doors are closed and they’re bustled off into separate cars.

Rhett starts with Jag, working at trying to towel off the dog. The towels have been brought on the trip special for the dogs, in case they get caught in the rain. The WooFPAK are all very grateful that their humans are so smart.

Chase shakes hard, sending water spraying everywhere. “I’m so glad that he’s okay. I mean, I knew he was okay, but I’m still glad that he’s okay. And that girl! I hope WooFDriver can get a hold of her parents! She looked so scared!”

Princess wonders, “why do you think she was out there?”

“Doesn’t matter,” decides Zarro, dropping down onto the seats in a wet heap of fur. “I’m just glad that she’s okay.”

And that is something they can all agree on.


Katelynn E Koontz – Author