January 9, 2017 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

The Somerset County Fair is unlike anything that the WooFPAK has ever seen before. They have been to a few different places with the same idea – festivals that were being held as they passed through town, and other such things.

But this?

This is a mess of colors and shapes, of sounds and scents. There is funnel cake, of course, but there’s far more than that. Smoked meats from local farms, barbecue contests, and massive bowls of chili dot the food section of the booths. There are bake sales where the proceeds go to the local groups, and there are craft sales that have woven baskets and hand made purses.

“I smell pig,” says Chase, excitedly. He throws his head back and takes a deep breath. “And goat! Oh man, I really want to go see the goats! Do you think WooFDriver will let us get over there?”

“I don’t think he’s going to want to see the goats,” says Zarro, bumping his shoulder against Chase’s side.
“But they’re so cool! I mean, come on! We never get to see goats.”

“Why are you so interested in them? They’re just a bunch of smelly farm animals.”

“Farms are amazing,” insists Chase. “If I had to be something other than a sled dog, I would want to be a farm dog. they have all kinds of important roles, and interesting jobs. We went to the dog park last time, and I got to talk with this really cool – ”

Princess rolls her eyes. She whacks Chase in the face with the fluff of her white tail. “We’ve heard this story at least eight times, Chase. We all know about your little crush on the shepherd dog.”

“It’s not a crush,” protests Chase. He darts forward so that he can walk beside Princess instead, as if being closer to her might somehow make the other dog see things differently. “I just think her job is cool! Herding things and getting other animals to listen to you and all of that.”

The other members of the WooFPAK aren’t convinced. To them, there is no idea better than racing across the open fields. Having a job that required a time schedule and the help of others – the idea is stifling. Just thinking about it is enough to make Zarro feel claustrophobic.

In an effort to shake off the unease, the husky darts to the left, pulling at the lead with all his might. Much to his surprise, their humans are more than happy to change direction, heading out of the food section and into the set up of games.

It’s a standard sort of thing. Several booths have been set up with a variety of throwing games in them. One consists of a balloon pop. Another is based off of water pistols and paper targets. These booths are all passed by in favor of the strength game.

WooFDriver is quick to pass off his leads, picking up the brightly colored red and blue mallet that’s provided for the game instead. “Watch this! I bet you anything, I can win that stuffed dog!”

Chris laughs. “What are you gonna do when you get it?”

“Give it to my dogs,” laughs WooFDriver. “Don’t worry. We won’t have to lug it around for too long. I give them ten minutes before the whole thing is ripped up.”

“Only if you win it,” says Rhett. “And you have to actually swing for that to happen.”

Chase looks over the wall of prizes. “Which one do you think he’s going to win?”

There’s a rather large pink and blue cat that looks simply divine. Chase licks his lips. He can already imagine what it might feel like, sinking his white fangs into that soft fabric.

Zarro asks, “do you think he’s actually going to get one?”

The sound of a bell going off is answer enough. It’s echoed by another, larger bell being rung. Princess tilts her head to the side, trying to figure out what’s going on. “Do you hear that?”

“Sounds like something big is about to start,” says Jag. “Wonder what?”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author