December 30, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Getting back to the WooFMobile is an easy enough feat. The problem arises with the open door, and the foul look that Zarro shoots him from the other side of the bench seat.

“It’s fine,” insists Jag. “Nothing’s going to happen.”

There’s a tired yawn from the backseat. Princess asks, “have you figured everything out?”

“I did,” says Jag. He paws at the door, but can’t get it to pull closed. A cold wind seeps in through the opening. It’s a wonder that the humans stretched out in the front seat haven’t woken up yet. “I think that the rest of this trip is going to be a lot more smooth.”

“Sure,” grumbles Zarro. “Is this before or after WooFDriver realizes that you’ve been running all around town?”

“He’s not going to know,” promises Jag. It takes a bit of effort, but he manages to grab the seat belt for the middle seat in his mouth and stretch it out towards the door. There’s a small, circular opening on the metal hook; after a lot of fumbling and more than a few frustrated growls, Jag manages to hook it on the stick that latches the door closed.

Zarro stands up on his hind legs, hooking his front paws on the back of the bench seat. “What are you doing?”

“Look at this!” Jag backs up, grabbing the stretch of seatbelt leather in his mouth again. It takes a bit of finagling, but, eventually, he’s able to use the make shift contraption to pull the door partly shut. It wedges the seatbelt between door and floor; a perfect excuse for why it didn’t shut all the way.

Zarro narrows his eyes. With a snort and a flick of his ears, the other husky drops back into his rightful seat. “You need to quit getting us in trouble.”

Princess yawns again. “Both of you quit your bickering. Some of us are smart enough to try and get some actual sleep tonight. You heard WooFDriver earlier. He wants to go to that festival.”

WooFDriver and his pit crew rise with the sun the next morning. There’s a bit of muttering, grumbling, and general confusion at the open door – but there are no real issues. Jag can’t help but give Zarro a snide smirk as they’re let out of the Jumbo Jet. He says, “I told you that we weren’t going to get in trouble.”

Zarro snorts. He scratches at his harness with one paw, nails scraping over it. “Just be thankful that you were right. I don’t get it, Jag! You’re usually smarter than that! Running off on your own in the middle of the night – for what? A ghost chase!”

It’s almost funny, listening to Zarro. JAg gives him a small, private sort of smile. “Something like that. Listen, I know it probably doesn’t make sense to you but – ”

“You’re right,” snaps Zarro. “It doesn’t.”

“Boys,” says Princess, easily stepping into the conversation. She bumps her shoulder first against Jag’s side and then against Zarro’s. “Let’s just focus on the festival. Today is a new day. We shouldn’t spend it fighting.”

Chase laughs. “That’s great, coming from you. I mean it, Princess.”

Princess tilts her head. In a too calm voice, she asks, “and what’s that supposed to mean?”

Eyes going comically wide, Chase shakes his head. “Nothing! I mean – it’s not supposed to mean anything! I just – ”

“Relax,” says Princess. “I know what you meant. Let’s just try and have a good time today, though. We can work things out some other time. Right, boys?”

Zarro snorts.

Princess repeats herself, but louder. “I said, right boys?”

“Right,” grumbles Zarro. “Whatever you say, Princess.”

“Good. Let’s go then.” Princess trots over to Rhett, who’s the lucky fellow that’s been given her lead. She affectionately presses her nose against his hand, bopping at it until he gives in and pets her. “This is some sort of county fair, right? That means we should get plenty of food!”

Jag’s stomach grumbles. It was a long, long night. “Food sounds great.”

“Funnel cake,” adds Chase, excitedly. “I want funnel cake!”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author