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For a while, the dogs simply talk amongst themselves. No one can understand why Jag is so upset over the malamute. But then, they weren’t there. They didn’t see the fear in the other dog’s eyes, and they didn’t hear the desperation in her voice.

He sits at the very end of his tether, away from the rest of his pack. Jag rests his maw on the top of his front paws. If he closes his eyes, he can still see the other dog.

I’m trying to find someone important. Do you know where they went? I don’t – I don’t remember their name. Storm would know! He looks a lot like you. Do you know him?

Jag huffs. He can’t quit thinking about her. It’s a horrible thing, and he’s not really sure why.
Princess sits down just slightly behind the other husky. She says, “talk to me, Jag. You know I’ll listen.”
“I can’t, ” grumbles Jag. “I don’t know what to say!”
“Why are you so upset over this malamute?” Princess tilts her head to the side, eyes wide and ears perked. “We’ve seen other strays before. It’s not the first time something like this has happened.”
“I don’t know,” admits Jag. “It just feels different this time. You weren’t there. You didn’t here what she was saying.”
Princess is silent for a long moment. It’s clear that the female dog is trying to understand, but the grasp just isn’t there.
And how could it be?
How could anyone understand what happened, when even Jag doesn’t?
Finally, though, Princess says, “we can go look for her, if you want. Or we can go look for this Storm.”
“If we leave the camp now, WooFDriver will never let us out of his sight again.” Jag’s lips curl up, revealing two rows of sharp white teeth. He digs his front paws into the loose dirt and tries to bite back a snarl. “I messed up! I took off without thinking, and it’s going to completely mess everything else up!”
“Yeah, you did. What you did was stupid. We all know that taking off when the humans are watching is bad,” says Princess, picking each word as carefully as she can. “But we’ve all made mistakes like that before, and we’re all going to do it again.”
She stands up. Princess shakes herself, hard. A few bits of leaves fall from her white fur. A glance over her shoulder reveals that the other two dogs are grouped up in their own huddle, talking in low tones, with tails tucked and ears drooping.
Princess says, “they’re worried about you. You’ve never acted like this before, Jag. Don’t block us out. We’re here for you.”

The problem is, Princess is wrong.

At least, she’s wrong in some part.

Chase and Zarro aren’t worried about Jag. They’re frustrated and angry with him! From their very first run together, the dogs have had an agreement.

Don’t take off. Don’t break the rules. Not when the humans are looking, at least.

Everyone knows that WooFDriver loves his dogs very much. When something like this happens, he battens down the hatches and puts eagle eyes on the WooFPAK. It’s not a bad thing, per say. The dog’s love to know that they’re cared for, and they love to know that they’re loved.

The problem is that, when WooFDriver is really watching them, there’s very little the WooFPAK can do.

“I just don’t get it,” says Chase. “He’s usually so much better than this!”

Zarro shakes his head. “Jag knows better than to take off like that. And what was he talking about? Dogs don’t just vanish.”

“I bet he realized that WooFDriver had found him,” says Chase. “And this is just a cover story for it.”

“He could have just told us,” says Zarro. “We would have understood. Split second decisions and all that. But to lie about that dog?”

Zarro shakes his head. It’s just baffling. The entire ordeal seems very unlike Jag. Usually, said dog is very level headed when it comes to being outside of the house. He’s got the heart of a leader, even if he’s still too young to really hold that position.

Chase glances over his shoulder.

Blue eyes meet.

Princess nods at him, just slightly.

Chase doesn’t know what that means, but he nods back. To Zarro, he says, “I hope she’s going to be able to figure all of this out.”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author