October 12, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

The malamute seems to run forever. It’s a graceful thing, with thick white fur covering lean muscles. There’s no problems jumping through the plains, over the ruts in the ground, or the gnarled branch that occasionally rises up before them.

Jag, in turn, has no problems keeping up. The husky runs faster than he ever has before – but the strange thing is, it doesn’t make him tired.

“Stop,” shouts Jag. “Just tell me who you are!”

Suddenly, the other dog spins around. They’re standing at the edge of a small pond. Several maple trees rise up around the muddy banks, far enough away that a few strips of coarse grass stretch between their roots and the water. “I know you,” says the malamute. “I know you from somewhere. Storm – is that your name? Are you Storm?”

“No,” says Jag, bewildered. “I’m Jag. I don’t think – I know that we’ve never met before. Please, tell me who you are. Why did you run into the road like that?”

“I’m looking for someone,” says the malamute. “I’m trying to find someone important. Do you know where they went?”

“Who are you looking for?”

“I don’t – I don’t remember their name. Storm would know! He looks a lot like you. Do you know him?”

Jag shakes his head. “No, but if you come back with me, my humans might be able to help you.”

Speaking of humans, WooFDriver comes running through the field. He’s panting, and shouting for Jag. The husky turns to face him, practically wilting at the look on the man’s face.

It’s not anger.

It’s disappointment.

“Jag,” says WooFDriver, between gasps of cold air. “Jag, what were you thinking! Get over here! Get over here, you silly dog!”

“Look,” says Jag. “It’s him! I’m telling you, he can help us.”

There’s no answer.

Jag turns around, hoping to be able to convince the malamute to come back to the Jumbo Jet with him, he’s startled to find that there’s no one else there. The dog has vanished just as fast as she appeared – in just the span of a breath, a heartbeat, a blinked eye.

WooFDriver grabs Jag by the collar. “I can’t believe you would take off like that!”

Jag stares at the place where the confused malamute had been standing just a few moments before, jaws parted, eyes wide. “Where did she go? I swear, she was just here a moment ago! I swear, she was just here!”

WooFDriver, of course, doesn’t understand the dog. He simply hooks a lead to Jag’s collar and starts walking him back to the car.

Everyone has gotten out of the Jumbo Jet by the time they get there. Chris and Rhett have hooked the other members of the WooFPAK up in their halters, hooked the leads to a rail on the side of the vehicle. It gives them enough room to move around but stops them from running off anywhere.

Princess growls at Jag. “What was that? You know better! This is going to cause so many problems!”

Jag looks back over his shoulder. There’s still no sign of the malamute. He says, “I’m sorry. I just – you guys saw that dog, right?”

“Of course we saw her,” says Chase, with a huff. “Why wouldn’t we?”

Jag says, “because she vanished as soon as WooFDriver showed up.”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author