MainLogo-400PXthis is the TALES of a Mermaid & Wolf who travel the world like Superheroes exploring, assisting, and Loving Life along their Journey. These TALES told here many of generations (in Dog years) old! Therefore the characters may look different depending on the interpretation. These TALES will be shared here on a weekly basis from the WooFDriver’s interpretation. Of course all of these designs are available right here on many collectible items so you too can show/wear the story and share the fable with all of your friends and family especially any Dogs you have or may meet they are mesmerized by these WolFStoira TALES! Below is an introduction to the Mermaid and Wolf. Please check the menu under WolFStoria for the stories!!




MeaZea- The Mermaid

MeaZea is a warrior of the water and has guided & ridden the fiercest creatures of the Sea! She now roams the land in command of WooFZee together exploring life out of water without any borders.

WolFZee – The Wolf

WolFZee was raised by a dragon breathing Fire with endless desire to run & never tire. With Lightening speed and beast powered means, he can fly indeed and is the definition of a Dream!


The Mermaid & The WolF CharactersAntheum – The Little Plant Dragon  born of the leaves and the flowers and trees, meant to weave through close-knit branches and scamper among the tall grass.

The Mermaid & The WolF Characters

Cree – The Gryphon known to chase Panda Santa and loves to tell Riddles & Rhymes
The Mermaid & The WolF Characters

 Arment-  The Stingray

The Mermaid & The WolF Characters