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BlackEyedChildWolFStoriaAnyone who is interested in the paranormal has heard of the Black-Eyed Children, or Black-Eyed People. Anyone interested in UFO’s, aliens, and government cover-ups regarding those two things dreads a visit from these little devils. What they actually are is unknown. They are known to appear out of nowhere, often in the middle of the night, and knock on your door. If you answer, they will ask for a harmless favor, such as to use the telephone or to use the bathroom, etc. Whoever is unfortunate enough to meet them, however, will instantly become paranoid, overwhelmed by an incredible sense of danger, yet at the same time they will feel the urge to give the children what they want. Whatever they want.

Most who encounter these kids will turn them away, petrified, but they are known to become belligerent and even more frightening after doing so. They don’t seem able to enter one’s home or car without an invitation, which has led some to believe they are vampires, or children possessed by some sort of demon. The children are pale and have pitch black eyes. They are generally described as being far too well-spoken for their ages or oddly expressionless. Another popular theory is that they are alien-human hybrids, which would explain why they seek out those who look too deep into UFO’s. They are not unique to any one area and can appear out of nowhere, places children should never be. They usually come in pairs.

It is unknown what happens to those who cave in and allow them to enter their home. Such people have never come forward, but it is strongly suspected that they simply disappear or have their brains rewired so that they do not remember the encounter. It was once thought that these children were simply the product of a creepypasta sort of story that began in the 1990’s. However, there are stories that predate Mr. Brian Bethel’s tales going back even further, particularly during the paranormal renaissance of the 1970’s, when everyone was curious about UFO’s, Bigfoot, and the like. They were akin to the men in black, though they were more frightening and went unseen until they wished to reveal themselves to an individual. Sometimes they would simply appear inside one’s home, but there are few tales of that ever happening.

One man in the 50’s was riding the bus home late at night when a second man boarded and sat right across from him. The man was chewing at the end of the cigar, something that the witness found strange, so he kept watching the man out of the corner of his eye. Suddenly, the strange man turned and made eye contact with him. The witness was instantly petrified; the man’s eyes were pitch black. The cigar-chewer smiled vaguely, but the witness could not take sitting near him and retreated to the front of the bus, sprinting home as soon as it reached his stop. The whole time he was on the bus he felt the man’s eyes on him.

On Halloween night, 2014, a woman was sitting alone in the living room with her dog. Most of the trick-or-treaters were long gone, and it was about 10:00 at night. Her husband was upstairs getting ready for bed and she was watching a horror movie marathon on television when she heard a steady knock at the door. Right away she thought this was odd; they had a doorbell. Almost as soon as the knocks rang out the woman’s dog fled for the back door, crouching down and glancing back fearfully toward the front. She called for the dog, but she would not move. Puzzled, she opened the door to find two small children, which seemed normal, besides the fact that they did not have costumes of any kind and were quite young to be out so late without a parent. They asked to use the phone, but the woman felt uneasy about letting them in and refused. Almost as soon as the words were out of her mouth, the children stepped closer, revealing their jet black eyes. The woman slammed the door and called a neighbor, but by the time he arrived, they were nowhere to be found.

One man recalls seeing a Black-Eyed Child while waiting for his mother to come out from the hairdresser’s in March, 2008. The kid came up to the car window and demanded to be let in in a soft, insistent voice. The boy, like many others, became afraid when he saw the dark eyes and locked the car doors. When his mother later rejoined him, she told him that a little boy had come into the hairdresser’s and demanded the keys to her car. She admitted to being quite frightened by the event herself.

Another couple who fostered children called the police one evening after discovering a pair of the children, a boy and a girl, standing outside of their back door. They demanded to be let in, and despite having overwhelming motherly instincts, the woman knew not to let them in when they asked and locked the doors. The police searched for hours but turned up nothing in the nearby woods. There were no reports of missing children in the area either, yet the pair of them had been so adamant that they reach a phone.

It is widely-believed that most of these occurrences are a result of the stories written by Brian Bethen in 1998, but there are a great many people who have never heard of the children before having an encounter with them. Many dismiss them as elaborate pranks played by local schoolchildren, but in every instance the faces of the children will be unfamiliar and their mannerisms will be unlike anything a child could pull off. In most stories the children will look like something out of another age, wearing archaic clothing and seeming generally out of place for one reason or another. The “we need your phone” trick is hard to pull off nowadays with cellular phones in the hands of pretty much anyone over five years old. That alone is often enough to get people feeling that something is off about the encounter, that and the first request to come in is typically utterly devoid of emotion. The final thing is the fear. Anyone who has met a Black-Eyed Kid has described a deep, primal fear at the sight of them, something that can’t be relived through some simple costume contacts.

One man narrowly avoided his doom when his girlfriend interrupted just after he had agreed to help the children. He described the feeling of them coming close as having “your soul ripped out”. He became incredibly drowsy and had almost lost consciousness when his girlfriend entered the room and tossed the kids out. Both of them were very lucky that day.

One popular rumor about the Black-Eyed Children is that they will visit anybody who reads or hears stories about them. Make sure to keep your doors locked tonight, and remember… never help them.