December 21, 2015 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

The story goes like this.

A long time ago, there was a flock of turkeys. They were a happy bunch, if a bit on the odd side. The father, Heinder, loved flowers. He would pick bunches of them for his wife, Lady Gala, and his three children. Always, always, he was looking for the perfect flower.

One day, Heinder found it. Rather, he found hundreds of them! The clearing was filled with poppy flowers. The earth had become a sea of blazing rubies and garnets. The wind gently brushed against the blooms, knocking their petals together. It almost sound like singing.

No…it was a song!

Heinder loved the flowers. He picked a full bouquet of them, planning to give them to his family. But, between the clearing and the forest, something happened. A voice crept into Heinder’s mind, warning him. Do you see that? The sun is burning so brightly. It’s trying to burn up the earth. Did you know that? It’s trying to burn bright enough to never be forgotten.

The words mingled with the song of the flowers, until Heinder could think of nothing else. By the time he made it back to his family’s home, he’d become obsessed with the warning. “We have to go,” he urged the other turkeys. “The field will help us!”

Lady Gala was hesitant, but she loved her husband and so she and her children followed him back to the field. And there it was again, that song, that warning. Heinder could only hear love in the words, but Lady Gala heard something else.

Pick me, demanded the poppies, pick me now, pick me now, pick me now!

“Heinder,” she said, with a flap of her sandstone wings. “We need to go. It’s not safe here.”

“Now safe here?” Heinder was aghast. “It’s not safe out there! The sun is going to get too bright, Gala. We have to go down, into the earth. The poppies will give us protection!”

The three chicks eyed the flowers apprehensively. One of them, Caraway, went to peck at a ruby petal. Her beak slipped right through the poppy. She squealed and ran behind her mother. “I don’t like it,” said Caraway, frightened. “I don’t like it here!”

Lady Gala tried to persuade her husband to leave, but she was unsuccessful. Instead, she pressed the side of her face to his and, softly, said, “If you ever come to your senses, Heinder, you know where to find me. I’ll wait for you, always.”

The story ends like that.

“Do you miss her?” MeaZea asks, softly. Her eyes are gentle and sad, her lips twisted into the starts of a frown. “Lady Gala. Your children. Do you miss them?”

“It’s not safe,” insists Heinder, with a shake of his head. “These caves are the only spots that the sun can’t get me.”

WooFZee curls his upper lip, showing off a mouth filled with white fangs. “If it wasn’t safe outside, how did we get down here? Think, feather brains!”

“WooFZee!” MeaZea tugs on the wolf’s ear. “Be nice! Heinder, is that why you kept the centaurs down here? You were trying to keep them safe from the sun.”

Heinder looks confused. “I don’t know how they lasted so long up there. But the flowers, they’re helping. They’re saving them. They’re saving all of us.”

Katelynn E Koontz – Author