December 21, 2015 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

“Wow,” breathes MeaZea, sitting up a little straighter. There’s something captivating about the nest. It speaks of years long gone, and it speaks about a mystery that should never be solved. What creatures is large enough to have use a nest this size? What could manage to leave down here, with nothing but poppy flowers for company?

WooFZee tucks his tail between his legs and shakes his head. “I can’t smell anything but those cursed flowers.”

“No bird?”

“No bird,” responds WooFZee. Quietly, he walks over to the nest. Even with his snout shoved deep inside of it, he can’t smell anything but poppy flowers. It’s a heady scent, almost intoxicating. The wolf is having a hard time staying awake.

And there’s a bed right here. Surely, he thinks, no one would mind if I laid down here for a little bit?
WooFZee is just about to climb into the nest when the sound of massive wings flapping fills the air. It’s like being caught in a storm without clouds or rain; great gusts of wind fill the room, nearly strong enough to knock MeaZea from her perch, and each shake of the beasts wings resembles the crack of thunder.

“You dare disturb my nest?”

The voice fills the room from all sides. Slowly, a shadow descends on the room, depicting the figure of a majestic fowl. It’s hard not to quail away from the sight. Harder still to reach behind her and draw the katana from her back.

MeaZea, she isn’t meant for battle. The mermaid is skilled in the way of sword fighting, but she prefers to use it to further their progress in thick jungles or as leverage when they climb sheer cliff beds. But for WooFZee, she would fight. For her best friend, she would face off against any monster, beast, or tyrant.

“Show yourself,” demands MeaZea.

WooFZee snarls into the empty air, head swinging this way and that in an attempt to spot the mystery beast. And – there!

With a gurgling screech, the bird flings itself into the nest. It’s a bumbling mess of feathers, wings, and feet. It trips over itself and lands head first, where it proceeds to flail about in an attempt to right itself. His feathers are made from copper and tiger’s eye. Some are tipped with onyx and others are flared with ruby. The light of the crystal cavern makes the bird glow.

WooFZee takes a single step towards the nest, hackles raised. He snarls, “are you responsible for these poppies?”

The bird shakes itself out. It takes small, wobbling steps to turn around. Yellow eyes blink down at the duo. A garnet waddle hangs from beneath his beak. He’s…a turkey?

Slowly, MeaZea lowers her blade, letting the tip of the sword drag against the ground. “Tell us what’s going on!”

“It is my home you are in,” screams the turkey. He gives an indignant flap. “My home! Have you never been taught manners? Asking questions before introducing yourselves – and after you’ve broken in to my lovely abode! Irresponsible! Unacceptable!”

Katelynn E Koontz – Author