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The story that Emberly tells is this: not too long ago, she and the other fire spirits lived inside of these mountains, very far within their core. It was warm and dark. It was the perfect home for them.

But one day, the Council decided that the mountains were getting crowded. Instead of going deeper, as many of them suspected, they decided to go up higher. It was the law that the fire elementals had to listen to the Council. Those who chose to stay behind in the mountains were no longer part of their group.

The problem was that it was very cold outside of the mountains. In fact, it was far, far too cold for the fire elementals! They had to find somewhere else to stay – like the hot springs.

Only the members of the Council had enough power to create the houses for them. Anyone who didn’t listen to their rules lost the magic that fueled their house. They would have to go back into the mountains. This was awful because the only thing that fire elementals hated worse than the cold was being alone.

Now, inside of the mountains, the fire elementals had access to rubies and gold and other rare minerals. But outside of the mountain, all they had was snow. Trying to retain their wealth, the members of the Council began to charge for use of the hot springs! And because fire elementals needed that heat to stay healthy, they had no choice but to comply.

Because of that, the gift shop was created. The tour came later, when the Council realized that they could charge other magical creatures entrance fees as well.

It was all a very, very sad state of affairs.

Emberly finishes her story with a sigh so heavy and sad, it makes all of her flames billow out. She looks so small there, like a spark about to put out, that MeaZea doesn’t even think. She just reaches out and pulls Emberly into a hug.

The elemental doesn’t burn her. She’s just pleasantly warm.

WooFZee, who grew up in these mountains, says, “I think we need to speak to the elementals on this council.”

MeaZea says, “I think that you’re right.”

“Oh, no,” wails Emberly. Her fires flare bright yellow. “You can’t do that! The council are very tricky! They’re smart and always looking for loopholes!”

MeaZea says, “that’s okay. I’m pretty tricky myself.”

WooFZee says, “riddles might not get us out of this one, MeaZea.”

“We’ll just have to see when we get there, won’t we?” MeaZea smiles, confident in herself. She says, “no matter what it takes, we’ve got to try, right?”

WooFZee, without pause, nods his head. “Absolutely. We’ve got to at least try.”


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