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They race over the ridge, WooFZee’s paws leaving heavy trenches in the snow. It’s a cold place. MeaZea wishes that she had a jacket to pull on.

“Over that way,” she says, and WooFZee changes course.

They make it to the ridge where the mysterious stranger had been, but find only footprints in the snow.

MeaZea presses a hand to her face. “What’s that smell?”

“Fire magic,” says WooFZee, without hesitation. “Someone’s using fire magic here.”

“That can’t be a good thing.” MeaZea frowns. “When was the last time we met someone using fire magic for good?”

“He did break off an entire part of this cliff,” says WooFZee. “Pretty sure that’s proof enough that he’s not good.”

And even though they’ve only just gotten back from an adventure, and MeaZea would love time to rest, she announces, “we need to find him.”

Thankfully, WooFZee nods his approval.

The amazing thing about traveling with a wolf is that they are incredibly good at finding things. And WooFZee is a special wolf, even. He’s been raised by dragons! He’s a giant wolf! He’s gone to places most canines are never able to see!

WooFZee, in short, is very good at tracking things down. Especially if those things are using magic.

“Fire magic has an extra strong smell,” says WooFZee. “It burns away at the air, even if it’s not fire being cast.”

MeaZea asks, “are there a lot of different types of fire magic?”

“Magic has no end to what it can do,” explains WooFZee. “You can do a lot of amazing and terrible things with magic.”

MeaZea knows a little bit of water magic. She thinks, riding astride of WooFZee’s back, that one day she would like to learn more.

It would certainly help them now, she’s certain, considering that there’s water in snow and there’s snow all around them!

But for now, all MeaZea can do is ask, “do you think we’re close to them?”

WooFZee wags his tail. He gives a big, doggy grin, looking more pleased than he has in a while. “Oh, yeah. In fact, I think they’re just over that ridge!”

And just like that, WooFZee takes off, racing through the snow in big, galloping strides. MeaZea has to wrap her arms around his neck to hold on.

WooFZee crests the ridge in question, and skids to a stop so fast and sudden, they both nearly fall over. Big paws churn up powder clumps of snow.

For in front of them, there is no snowy, iced over mountain vale.

There’s a city made of fire.

“That,” says MeaZea, softly. “Probably shouldn’t be here.”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

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