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Stepping into the portal is like nothing else that MeaZea has ever done before.

She and WooFZee have been on countless adventures together. They have crossed into countless worlds, and faced endless styles and types of magic. But the moon milk is different. It’s cold and all enveloping. It sinks into MeaZea’s lungs, into her skin, into her marrow.

For a moment, she is floating, weightless, surrounded by cream, by white, and in the next, she is clinging to WooFZee, an arm around his neck, her fingers tangled in his fur.

The wolf is big, and strong.

He’s an anchor for her, always, but especially then.

Slowly, the cream morphs. It changes, first to a white so bright it’s stunning. Then to a hue of lights, flashing and zapping, blitzing and shifting, as the very cosmos develops around them.

They surge through a flurry of ethereal lights, and into an existence of pure golden hues.

And then the darkness is back. The cold. The crushing reality of a world trapped in night.

The doors.

The Man In The Moon.

MeaZea’s heartbeats, and she is no longer falling, or swimming, or floating.

She is sitting on top of WooFZee’s back, hands in his fur, and they are standing in front of the blocked off doorway, and in front of the very man that once sent them on their quest.

He looks at them, clearly surprised at their sudden arrival. “You’re back?”

MeaZea’s head is reeling. A migraine bursts to life behind her eyes. She tries to remember how they got here, but it’s difficult. Even their journey through space seems blurred and cramped together.

“Oh,” says the Man in the Moon. “You poor things. You’ve been through moon magic, haven’t you?” He clucks his tongue, tsking and fussing over the two of them for a moment. “For someone not from this plane of existence, that’s a dreadful thing indeed. Who knows how it’s going to affect you!”

MeaZea holds out the box. “I think…this is for you?”

Slowly, the Man in the Moon takes the box. He holds it with great reverence, in a way that makes it clear it’s both very important, and very fragile. “Thank you,” he tells them. And then, “I will do what I can to get you home, and to do it safely. If this is what I think it is…the door should open. I should still be able to work the moon.”

He steps over to the great doors, and puts a hand on the box.

“A new key,” says the Man in the Moon. “And a new cycle.”

And then, eyes closed, he opens the box.


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

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