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The Lady of the Moon laughs long and hard. It’s a lovely sound. More lovely, though, is the look on her face; the way her eyes crinkle at the edges, the way her mouth cuts up into a crescent moon. She is more beautiful than anyone that MeaZea has ever seen before.

When the Lady of the Moon manages to pull herself together again, she brushes hair from her face. “It’s been a very long time since I’ve laughed like that. Since I’ve felt so…”

She trails off. MeaZea asks, “lonely?”

The Lady of the Moon’s smile goes soft, and a touch sad. “I’m sorry. You came to me seeking help, and I tried to turn you away. That’s not what I should be doing. Come, tell me your story. Tell me what must be done.”

And so the three of theme convene in a little nook, with white and gold chaisse lounges, and a glass table between them. MeaZea tells the Lady of the Moon exactly what’s happened, and the Lady listens in rapt attention.

When all the information has been shared, the Lady of the Moon says, “I can help you. Have no fear.”

It takes nearly a full day of the Lady of the Moon tucked away from sight, crafting magic and instruments and casting spells. And then at the end of the day, she comes out with a basket of silver, covered in fine woven cloth.

The Lady of the Moon warns them, “do not open this. Give it to the Man of the Moon himself, understand? Otherwise, the magic inside will vanish, and do no one any good.”

MeaZea clutches the basked to her chest. “I understand.”

WooFZee says, “we’ve got another problem. Getting back there.”

“I can help with that, too,” says the Lady of the Moon. “Come.”

WooFZee, MeaZea, and the Lady of the Moon gather in a large, off-set bathroom. The tub rises up out of the floor, with marble steps leading to it. Presently, it’s filled with milk. There’s a bowl of crushed flowers and glinting moon dust sitting on the vanity counter.

The Lady of the Moon picks it up and carries it up the steps, her lovely gown trailing behind her. “I cannot use this. Not the way you can. But often, I will come in here and simply…look…at the rest of the universe. But you, you come from different magic. The spells on my castle do not bind you. You can leave through my portal.”

WooFZee follows her up the steps.

When they stand beside the tub, MeaZea asks, “and you, Lady? What will become of you?”

“Time will continue to pass for me,” says the Lady of the Moon. “As it always has. My story is not yours though, maiden of the sea. It is my own. And of it, I will craft an ending when the time is right.”

MeaZea wishes she could do more for the Lady of the Moon, but she knows that she can’t. So she simply says, from the bottom of her heart, “thank you. For everything.”


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