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MeaZea has been thinking about this since she spoke to the statue in the garden. She’s put a lot of thought into what jokes she might tell the Lady of the Moon, into what she might be able to do to make this lonely woman laugh.

But now, standing before her, those jokes feel silly and mundane. Instead, new words rise to the tip of MeaZea’s tongue. She gives WooFZee a reassuring pet between the ears and asks, “what holds the moon up?”

“Moonbeams,” replies the Lady Of The Moon, seamlessly.

MeaZea asks, “how can you tell when a moon is going broke?”

“When it’s down to its last quarter.” The Lady Of The Moon cracks the faintest smile. The thing about jokes that you know and love is that they’ll always make you happy. Even if they aren’t new, they can still make you smile.

MeaZea leans forward. She asks, “why wasn’t the moon hungry?”

“Because it was full,” counters the Lady Of The Moon. And then she asks, “why don’t clams give to charity?”

This is an old joke under the sea. MeaZea says, “because they’re shell-fish.”

“Very good, miss mermaid.” The Lady Of The Moon looks pleased with their exchange. She drifts away from them, circling the room. “What did the shark plead in his murder case?”

“Not gill-ty,” says MeaZea. She asks, “what do you call a wolf that has figured things out?”

The Lady Of The Moon pauses. She tilts her head to the side, rolling the question around in her mind. “Aware-wolf.”

“That one isn’t funny,” grumbles WooFZee. Unwilling to be left out, especially not now that wolves have been brought into the mix, he asks, “what’s a wolf’s favorite hobby?”

Again, the Lady Of The Moon of pauses. It seems that when the joke is not about the moon or space, she’s less familiar. “I wouldn’t know,” she admits, finally. “I haven’t seen many wolves in my time. In fact, you’re the first.”

“We catch fleas,” says WooFZee, visibly pleased with himself. His tail thumps out a wag, and his ears prick forward.

The Lady Of The Moon does more than just smile. She chuckles. It’s not a full blown laugh, but it’s close.

Quick as a whip, smart as her katana is sharp, MeaZea asks, “I have one more joke that’s sure to leave you howling with laughter. It’s sure to bite your funny bone and leave you itching for more. What animal’s name is seventy five percent wool?”

The Lady Of The Moon is so caught in her mirth over the puns, she can’t think to answer. “I’m not sure, miss mermaid!”

“A wool-f!”

And that’s enough to do it!

The Lady Of The Moon bursts into laughter, and MeaZea knows they’ll get the help they need.


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

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