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WooFZee is very fast on his feet. Like all wolves, he also has sharp eyes and a keen sense of smell. Finding the button is hard but not an impossible feat. It’s tucked into the fool’s gold stone wall behind one of the pillars, barely noticable save for the faint scent of honeysuckle.

“Here,” says WooFZee.

“I’ve got it,” responds MeaZea. She reaches out and pushes the button, just once. A door opens up in another pillar.

Excitedly, Zen rushes through the door, shouting, “hurry, it’s this way!”

“I’m going to eat Zen,” says WooFZee, leaping after the little creature with a growl.

MeaZea scolds, “you will not!”

Up, up, up the stairs they go. At the top, there is a single door, covered in locks.

MeaZea counts them. “Seven locks! And we don’t have a single key!”

“What now?” WooFZee’s ears flick back. He’s not even trying to pretend that he isn’t horribly irritated.

Zen just tuts at them both. “That’s alright. I can open almost all of those locks!”

Zen uses tooth and claw to pick the locks. One by one, they unlock, until only a single lock remains. This lock is shaped like a key, and hangs heavily off of a golden chain.

Zen drops down onto the ground. “Okay! This is it! This is the only one I can’t open!”

“So now what do you expect us to do?” WooFZee’s ears flick back. “The guards are going to catch up to us soon.”

“Well, that’s where you come in,” says Zen. The little thing looks way too cheerful. “I can’t unlock this one, so I figured the two of you can break it!”

“I can give it a shot,” says MeaZea. She pulls one of her katana’s from its sheath and hooks the sharp of the blade against the chain binding the lock to the door. It takes a lot of work, but the katana is able to cut through the steel chain.

The links fall to the floor, scattering onto the cement. The lock follows suit. MeaZea bends down and picks up the key shaped lock. “We should hold onto this. It could be important for later.”

Footsteps in the distance. WooFZee grumbles. “Keep it if you want, but let’s just go. We’ve got to keep ahead of the guards. If there’s anything else you need to tell us, try and get it out now.”

Zen just laughs. “No, no, no! We’re good from here on out! The Lady of the Moon is just up ahead of us! We should get there in no time at all!”

The little critter runs up the stairs ahead of them. WooFZee shakes his head and follows.


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

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