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They go up the stairs, each step counted, and then WooFZee turns and goes right back down them. He counts each step out loud as he goes, both to keep track of them, and in an attempt to get on Zen’s nerves.

If it works, the little creature doesn’t show it.

WooFZee asks, “what’s the point of this?”

“You’ll see,” says Zen.

And when they hit the bottom step, they do see. The entire world shifts, a little, so that a new doorway is there where none had been.

“Wow,” breathes MeaZea. “I’ve never seen magic like that before!”

“And I doubt you ever will again,” says Zen. “But we haven’t any time to waste! Once the magic starts casting itself, the guards are sure to figure out we’ve made it inside. We have to hurry!”

Zen darts into the newly appeared door.

WooFZee grouses, “Zen didn’t say anything about the guards being alerted before!”

“It’s okay, WooFZee.” MeaZea gives her companion a reassuring scratch behind one ear. “And it won’t be an issue if we hurry, either. So no complaining! Let’s just get those paws moving!”

The next room appears to have been made entirely out of fool’s gold. It glitters and shines so fiercely it nearly makes MeaZea’s eyes hurt. Zen is a pure white spot amidst all of the sparkle. Standing up on his back legs, Zen chirps, “alright! I didn’t think it would take the two of you that long to go through a door. We’ve got to do this one quicker!”

“Then try telling us what we’re actually doing,” snaps WooFZee, ears pinned back against his skull. He curls up his lips just for good measure, in case Zen can’t tell that WooFZee has about one nerve left.

Zen chitters, disapprovingly. “I was about to do that, if you hadn’t so rudely interrupted me!”

“We won’t interrupt again,” says MeaZea, soothingly. “We promise.”

“There’s a button in here,” says Zen, as if it’s that simple. “We need to find it very quickly, and press it.”

WooFZee asks, “and if we don’t find it quickly enough?”

“We don’t get the door opened and we’re caught by guards,” responds Zen.

MeaZea frowns. “That seems too simple, considering how badly they don’t want anyone to actually get in here.”

“Well,” says Zen, with a nervous sounding chitter of a laugh. “We’ll also be turned into fool’s gold and added to the maze of statues out back, but I can tell that you’re fast on your feet, wolf! This shouldn’t be a problem for you at all!”


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