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When Zen is long gone from sight, Stella admits, “I used to spend hours with the Lady of the Moon, just the two of us. But now that she isn’t allowed to leave, oh! No one ever comes to see me!”

“I thought…what about the guards? Or the palace help?” MeaZea questions.

Stella laughs. “There is no help! The Lady of the Moon must have something to do while she whiles away her days, don’t you think? No, it’s just her. And before that, it was her and I. And a long time before that, well, hardly important now, I wouldn’t think.”

WooFZee, never one for a story, says, “I wouldn’t think so either. You said that you would tell us how to get help from her. Let’s hear it.”

“Don’t be rude,” scolds MeaZea.

But Stella just says, sounding only a little sad, “no, no, you’re quite right. The Lady of the Moon, she’ll do anything for a good joke. But you have to be able to really make her laugh! She’s sad so often, you see, that getting a smile from her is difficult, and a laugh is near impossible!”

MeaZea says, “so we need a good joke.”

“She likes funny things,” says Stella. “Nothing mean, nothing inappropriate. Funny for funny’s sake.”

WooFZee’s tail wags, just a little bit. “I’m great at telling jokes!”

“Then you should have no problem getting her help,” says Stella. “But I do have one more request of you…”

Zen looks antsy when they meet back up. The little critter stands on back feet, dancing and prancing around, and then turns and rushes in through a slightly ajar side door without saying a single thing.

“Stella’s right,” grouses WooFZee. “Zen is a rat.”

“Stella is lonely and mad,” says MeaZea. “That’s no excuse, but it’s understandable. You’ve got no reason to be mean, on the other hand.”

The doorway leads to a set of stairs, marble and riddled with moonstone. Zen hops up them one at a time, clearly struggling.

When they draw near, MeaZea bends down, scoops up the little critter, and holds Zen against her chest. “It will be much quicker this way, and you won’t get half as tired.”

Zen wilts a little, put out, and maybe a touch embarrassed, but doesn’t argue. “Up to the very top of the stairs,” guides Zen. “All the way. Don’t skip a single step! And I mean it! No two by twos or three by threes. A paw on every step! Then at the top, there’s a door! Don’t open it! Just turn and come back down!”

WooFZee’s ears flick. “Come back down?”

“Come back down,” says Zen, firmly.

WooFZee lets out a put upon sigh but, with another flick of his ears, agrees. “Alright. Not a single step missed, and then right back down.”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

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