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Zen leads the way through the mess of lamia, small enough to easily pick through their star studded coils without any kind of an issue.

It’s far more difficult for WooFZee, who has to pick out each paw step with the utmost care.

Through it all, MeaZea holds her breath, unable to do anything to help them get through this trial. It’s some kind of miracle, really, that they don’t wake up any of the lamia guards, and when they break away from them, pushing out of the grass on the other side, the mermaid lets out a laugh that’s pure relief.

“We did it,” she cheers.

Zen says, “all that’s left is making it through the castle.”

WooFZee’s ears flick back. He gives an unhappy whine. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’ll see.” Zen turns, and then skitters off the opposite way.

They do see what Zen means, and they see it very, very shortly.

The castle is pretty up close. It’s made from the stone under their feet, as though the building is just part of the moon itself. White banners hang from the windows, and the door itself is closed up tight; iron bars blocking it shut, and the same ones on the window.

There’s a flash of someone up in the window of the tallest tower. A pale form, draped in white and glittering fabrics, and MeaZea holds up a hand in the mockery of half a wave.

It’s not returned. The figure vanishes from sight.

Zen says, “she doesn’t hold out hope that anyone’s going to visit anymore. People used to try and come to see her, but that stopped a long time ago, when they realized it wouldn’t work, and that it could take so much risk on their end.”

“I’m going to see her,” says MeaZea, firm as she’s ever been. “We’re going to fix all of this.” She scratches at WooFZee’s ear, hitting what she knows is one of his favorite spots. “And then we’ll go see your home. How about that?”

WooFZee gives an appreciative rumble, pressing his head up into the touch. “Fine. Fine! You! How are we supposed to get in there?”

“There’s an opening in the back,” says Zen, skittering around the side of the building. Zen sticks very close to the wall, so WooFZee chooses to do the same.

MeaZea has to curl her tail up that much tighter to prevent it from scraping up against the stone.

As they get closer to rounding to the back half of it, small clusters of gray flowers bloom. A garden of monochrome takes up the back court yard, complete with an over grown bench that has clearly not been used in a very long time.

A statue of a young woman stands at the center of it all.

MeaZea says, “oh, this must have been pretty once.”

And the statue, to her surprise, answers, “oh, but it was.”


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