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If WoofZee is at a disadvantage against the guards, MeaZea is impossibly unable to do anything. From on top of WooFZee’s back, she couldn’t see anything.

Zen’s voice came, as if from a distance. “I will jump up every few feet. Come towards me! The lamia don’t have to deal with many people coming through here, so they have gotten lazy and slow.”

“Be kind,” says MeaZea, stroking a hand over WooFZee’s skull before he can make a snide remark. “We can’t get through this without Zen’s help.”

She didn’t get it.

Zen, thus far, had been nothing but kind. MeaZea was fairly certain that the issues they had so far weren’t Zen’s fault, even if it did seem a little strange. But at the end of the day, they could only hope that Zen was on their side.

WooFZee gives an unhappy grunt, but keeps his thoughts to himself. When Zen jumps out of the grass, WooFZee moves in that direction. They slowly make their way through the vast field of grass – only coming to a stop when Zen does not jump back up.

Unease grabs at MeaZea. Brows furrowing and lips pinching together, she asks, “do you think something’s wrong?”

“I’ve thought that from the start,” answers WooFZee. He makes an unhappy sound, taking a sudden step backwards.

MeaZea yelps, “what’s wrong?”

“Something hit my leg,” says WooFZee. His hackles raise. “I can’t smell anything but grass.”

And then, Zen’s voice so soft it’s a whisper, “it’s okay, it’s just me. Be quite and be careful. There are a lot of them ahead, but they’re sleeping. If you get down on your belly and crawl, we should be able to get past them.”

“I won’t,” says WooFZee, offended at the suggestion.

“Lead the way,” says MeaZea, instead. “We’ve come too far to back out now. Come on, WooFZee! It’s just a little further!”

And so, with a bit of prodding and insisting, WooFZee lowers himself to the ground, and the grass swallows them alive. At first, MeaZea has a hard time making anything out. But then she spots Zen, who gives a happy little chattering sound.

“This way,” says Zen. The little creature vanishes into the grass.

WooFZee makes an unhappy grunt of his own, but follows after, belly crawling his way through the tall, wavering grass.

It’s only a moment later that WooFZee comes to a full stop, staring with wide eyes at the array of lamia before them.

Zen was right!

These lamia are like none that MeaZea has seen before, with scales of star shine and moon dust, and an upper body of glittering lilac. They’re sleeping, curled up together, and a small path cuts through the grass between them, with the grass getting lower the further you go.

Zen says, “we have to be very quite. If they wake up…”

“We can be quite,” says MeaZea. “Right?”

WooFZee stares, awe struck at the sight, and gives a single, faint nod.

“Alright,” says MeaZea. And then, to Zen, “lead the way.”


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