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The Dark Side of the Moon is a very strange place. The tall grass is dark gray, and the air is cold and heavy. The further along the path they go, the more depressing and distressing it is. MeaZea curls her hands hard into WooFZee’s fur, sliding her fingers through it, leaning forward to rest her chin against the top of his skull.

“We are going to the castle, right?” WooFZee’s question seems to come out of nowhere.

Zen starts, swinging around to stare at WooFZee. “Yes? Of course we are. Where else would we be – ”

“I don’t see a castle,” says WooFZee. He’s looking hard into the distance and, okay, now that WooFzee has said it, MeaZea can’t help but think the same thing.

“Oh. Right. I suppose I should have mentioned that.” Zen gives a tittering laugh before turning around and continuing down the path. “You can’t see the castle until you’ve stepped onto the grounds. To stop people from stealing the Lady of the Moon.”

MeaZea gasps. “Have people tried that?”

Zen answers, “it’s not people that the council wants to keep out.”

MeaZea breathes, “it’s the man who gave her his name.”

Zen nods.

WooFZee asks, “who is this council, anyway?”

“The other eight planets each have a leader, and each of those leaders are part of the council,” explains Zen. “And they elected to put these barriers into place. There are markers around the castle grounds.”

MeaZea asks, “what do they look like?”

Zen pauses, ears twitching. “Like that!”

There, in the shadows, is a totem. In fact, there are a lot of totems, cutting across the field. Each one is about five foot away from the next, and the staves are topped with figure heads of rabbits. They look as though they’ve been carved from a strange, black stone.

As they draw closer to the totems, a shimmering veil is visible in the air between them. It’s as though stars have been crushed, and their dust now floats alone, trapped by the totems.

“That must be what keeps it hidden,” says MeaZea. She asks Zen, “what’s going to happen when we go through there?”

Zen explains, “we’re going to have to get past the guards, and then you’ll have to find the Lady of the Moon. She likes the towers the best, so she can see all the world around her.”

WooFZee growls, “you didn’t say anything about guards!”

But MeaZea finds that she isn’t concerned. She gives WooFZee a reassuring pat on the head, and then announces. “Okay, guys. I think we’re all ready for this. Let’s go!”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

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