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They move very slow, at first. Part way across the vale, and MeaZea thinks that they’ve made it. But then – a screech! The Zeeb’s let out an alarm cry! Their massive wings beat at the sky, churning up a wind so fierce it nearly knocks MeaZea off of WooFZee’s back.

“Run,” screams Zen.

WooFZee does, without hesitation. He takes off, barreling across the land. MeaZea drops against him, curling her arms around his neck, gripping his fur. Her tail splashes in the air behind them.

The birds scream and screech, swooping down and making grabs at WooFZee.

He demands, “how did they know?”

“Just run,” wails MeaZea. She buries her face in WooFZee’s fur. “Find the river!”

WooFZee does. He runs so hard and so fast, it makes his paws hurt. But it’s that same speed that gets them to safety. The stream is the same white water as the one before only – when WooFZee leaps into it, there is no bottom. He is taken off guard by the depth of the river.

MeaZea is pulled from his back. She pulls in a deep breath, letting the water wash over her. Easily, she hooks an arm around WooFZee’s middle and pulls him back up. Her tail is strong enough to keep them steady, even with the pull of the water.

Above them, the Zeeb’s circle through the air. They keep screaming and screeching, calling out to each other. It looks as though they’ve totally lost sight of the duo. After a few more moments of circling, the Zeeb’s go back to the forest.

MeaZea hauls them over to the river bank. They climb out. WooFZee shakes himself off, sending water flying in all directions. The silt is gone.

MeaZea climbs onto his back again. “What do we do now?”

“Wait for Zen,” says WooFZee. “I don’t know that I trust him, but I do know that he’s the only chance we’ve got. I have no clue how to get us to the Lady of the Moon.”

“You’re right,” says MeaZea. “Let’s go over to that tree, so we have a bit of cover in case the birds come back.”

“Blind to anything in the water,” says WooFZee, with a shake of his head. He snorts, utterly amazed at how the things work on the moon. “I’ve never heard of anything so weird.”

“I hate to be the one to say this, but I get the feeling that the world is about to get a lot more weird,” says MeaZea. After all, there’s another stretch of trees before them, only this one has a worn path leading the way between the trunks. “I think we’re in for a hard time, WooFZee.”

“I don’t want to admit it,” answers WooFZee. “But I think you’re right.”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

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