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WooFZee asks, “who are you?”

The little mouse rubs at his face with one paw. “I’m Zen.”

MeaZea smiles. “Zen? I like that name. It feels very kind.”

“That’s a kind thing for you to say,” says Zen. He blinks all three eyes, one at a time. “I’m afraid there’s not much kindness left on the moon. You’ll have to work very hard to keep yours, as well.”

WooFZee asks, “what’s with all these flowers?”

Zen flicks his tail, turning and starting through them. He moves slowly, so it’s easy to be followed. “They’re meant to stop anyone from making it to the castle grounds. They turn you around, and then you end up at the caves.”

“And then they eat you,” says MeaZea, echoing the flower. It’s easy enough to keep pace with the mouse. Even though his fur is very close to the same color as some of the flowers, it’s easy enough to keep up with him.

WooFZee says, “why?”

The mouse says, “to keep the Lady of the Moon from meeting with you.”

MeaZea frowns. She runs her hands over the curve of WooFZee’s skull, fingers threading in the fur. “Why? More importantly, who’s doing that?”

This time, the mouse doesn’t answer. He just runs forward, nervous and antsy, and makes WooFZee fight to keep up with him. The ground here is uneven. It’s hard to keep the right footing, considering the flowers are covering most of the ground.

MeaZea, softly, says, “I guess that wasn’t a good question. We need to keep that in mind.”

WooFZee snorts. “I don’t think anything on this place should be trusted, that mouse included. What kind of world – ”

“I think we can trust Zen,” says MeaZea, firmly. “Just keep up with him. Everything else, well, we’ll figure out on the way there.”

And so they walk, and Zen leads the way, and eventually the flowers thin out, and tufts of white, silver, and gray grass takes its place.

Zen pauses. “You’re both very noticeable. That’s not a good thing. The Zeebs will be able to see you.”

MeaZea asks, “Zeebs?”

“Birds,” says Zen. “Big, nasty birds. They’re meant to protect the forest, and stop anyone from making it to the castle grounds. And they can see you really easily, since you’re so…colorful.”

MeaZea makes a thoughtful hum. “Everything here is very white. Why is that?”

“Because this is the moon,” says Zen. “That’s just how things are. We need to fix you up, so you blend in better, at least from the sky.”

WooFZee curls his lip back, showing off his teeth. “How do you propose we do that?”

Zen looks entirely unimpressed. “With mud, of course.”

“Oh,” says MeaZea.

Zen simply looks gleeful. “This way!”

WooFZee and MeaZea have no choice but to follow.


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

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