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The flowers aren’t the only thing that make their own rules. Everywhere MeaZea looks, something impossible seems to have come into existence. The path that cuts through the field is completely clear of any weeds of plant growth, a pure white expanse of marble.

They get several feet down the path when MeaZea glances back over her shoulder. The device that brought them here is gone. Just – completely vanished.

“WooFZee,” she starts.

WooFZee grunts. “We need to just stick to the path.”

“Okay,” says MeaZea.

Not long after, MeaZea asks, “do the stars look closer to you?”

WooFZee pauses, looks up. “Yes,” he announces, after a moment of thought. “They do.”

MeaZea asks, “should we be concerned?”

Sarcastically, WooFZee says, “I don’t know, MeaZea. I’ve never been on the moon before. Why don’t we just check the guide book?”

MeaZea snorts. “No reason to be huffy over it. I was just asking your thoughts.”

“My thoughts are that we never should have agreed to go on this quest in the first place. It’s dangerous, and complicated and – “

“And we almost have all the pieces that the Night Man needs to fix his watch. This is the last part, WooFZee! We can get this piece, and then – “

“Try and find the Night Man again?” WooFZee snorts. “I don’t know how to get back there.”

“We’ll figure it out,” says MeaZea, dismissively. “Just like we’ll figure this place out and – are we going in circles?”

WooFZee’s ears twitch. “I haven’t left the path.”

“I think we’re going in circles,” says MeaZea, frowning at a formation of flowers that looks particularly familiar. She pulls the katana from its sheath on her back, leaning over WooFZee’s side and jamming it into the ground just to the left of the path. “There. Keep walking.”

WooFZee starts walking again, but he points out, “if you’re wrong, you’re never going to get that back.”

“I don’t think I’m wrong,” says MeaZea. “Just…trust me on this?”

“I always trust you,” says WooFZee. He keeps walking.

It doesn’t take long before the katana comes back into view. Thick white vines have curled around the blade, like they’re trying to pull it into the ground, or cover it up. MeaZea has to work hard to wrench the katana free from the ground.

WooFZee whines, loud and low, at the realization that the path is, indeed, just taking them in a giant loop. He asks her, “what are we supposed to do now?”

MeaZea looks out at the endless expanse of flowers around them and says, “I think we have to go off the path. I think that’s our only choice.”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

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