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WooFZee says nothing, as the Keeper of the Coins leads them down, to the cylindrical contraption below. He runs a paw over the side of it, claws ripping off exactly seven gold coins. These coins, he gives to MeaZea. “You’ll need them, if you wish entry into the moon’s kingdom.”

And then the top of the device opens up, and MeaZea, then WooFZee, climb inside. It’s a cramped, cold thing. MeaZea looks out of the top, giving the fox her best smile. “I won’t forget you.”

“You will,” says the fox. “But that’s alright.”

And then the cylinder closes up, and they are plunged into darkness.

At first, nothing happens.

Uneasily, WooFZee grumbles, “he tricked us!”

But MeaZea traces a hand over his ears, soothingly. “No. Just wait.”

So they wait – and, eventually, the cylinder starts to shake. There’s the sensation of plunging deep, deep into the ocean – and then of running wild through the forests – and then of being caught in a horrible, awful storm of the worst sorts.

Just as quickly as the cylinder starts to move, it stops.

WooFZee gives his head a shake. He asks, “now what?”

“I think I know.” MeaZea puts one of the coins against the inside of the cylinder, right beneath the seal that keeps top and bottom connected. The onyx swallows the golden coin whole. With a hiss, the top opens up – above them, there’s a dark expanse of sky, littered with the brightest stars that MeaZea has ever seen.

Slowly, MeaZea pulls herself up onto the edge of the cylinder. WooFZee climbs out fully, and then she drops onto his back.

“I guess…this is the moon,” says MeaZea. She brushes the hair away from her face with one hand, settling the other on the back of WooFZee’s head. Idly, she scratches at the base of one of his ears. “It looks different than I had expected.”

White roses line what appears to be a field. There are black and gray ones scattered about, giving the impression of craters amidst an otherwise beautiful and well manicured place.

Slowly, WooFZee picks a direction and starts to walk. “Everything about this place is a nightmare. Every time I look around, something new and weird is happening.”

“Do you think it is a dream?”


“Are we just dreaming?” MeaZea reaches down, plucking one of the roses. She gives it long and careful consideration. “These flowers don’t have any thorns.”

“It’s a rose growing on the moon,” says WooFZee, blandly. “I’m pretty sure they make their own rules, MeaZea.”


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