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In the end, MeaZea is sent back to the room with the massive baths to wait. The air grows so heady from the heated water that it makes her head swim and her nose feel stuffy. She lounges in a pool of lavender. Pale purple flowers float through the water. When she gives an uneasy flick of her tail, even more of the pretty flowers surface.

MeaZea doesn’t know how long she’s been in there when the door opens. Her head snaps up, whole body spinning around to see who it is.

A small being, completely covered and draped in robes of black. They stare at each other.

MeaZea asks, “what’s going on?”

The being says nothing.

A long moment passes. MeaZea, nervous, worries at her bottom lip.

And then, just when she’s beginning to think that this is the set-up for something awful, WooFZee steps into the room.

MeaZea gasps. She flings herself at the edge of the pool, but WooFZee gets there first. He cross the room in two massive bounds and throws himself into the water, uncaring of the way it makes his pelt cling to his body. “WooFZee! You’re okay!”

“I’m sorry,” says WooFZee. He gets two paws on MeaZea’s shoulders and starts licking the sides of her face. Surely, if she weren’t a mermaid, the action would push her under the water!

But MeaZea’s tail, even tired and scraped up as it is, is strong. She wraps her arms around WooFZee, burying her face in thick wet fur. “You’re okay! I’m so glad, I’m so glad! I thought it would work but – “

The black clad shape in the doorway clears its throat.

Both their gazes snap to it.

At some point during their tearful, joyful reunion, the fox appeared. He tilts his head to the side, and thick droplets of blackness drip out from under his hood. “You owe me a secret.”

“I owe you all of my secrets,” says MeaZea.

WooFZea bristles. “Who’s that?”

MeaZea runs a hand over the large wolf’s head, fingers scratching lightly behind his ear in an attempt to soothe him. “A friend,” she says, simply enough. “One who has done a great favor for me, and who I think might be about to help us that much more.”

It only takes a bit of urging for WooFZee to get out of the pool. He lets MeaZea clamber onto his back.

The fox motions for them to follow him with one paw.

“It’s okay,” promises MeaZea. “He’s not going to hurt us.”

WooFZee doesn’t seem particularly certain of that, but he still follows the fox without further question.


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

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