October 22, 2018 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

They rest for what seems like ever, but no one ventures in or out of the temple. Eventually, impatient, MeaZea asks, “now what?”

The rabbit finally gets back onto her paws. “Now you go in without me.”


“I won’t be gone for long,” says the rabbit. She promises, “San will take you to speak with the Caretaker, and I’ll meet you shortly after. There’s just something that I need to get before then.”

San’s ears twitch. “What are you planning?”

“I plan nothing out,” says the rabbit, cheerfully. Her nose and whiskers twitch. There’s a sharp gleam in her eyes. “You should know that by now, everything that I do happens purely by chance!”

San snorts. “No one has ever believed that. Not coming from you.”

Before it can devolve into an argument, MeaZea asks, “San, can we go in now?”

There’s a pause and then – “Of course.” San starts up the path leading to the temple without further prompting. “Allow me to introduce you to the Lord of the Coin.”

The inside of the temple is vastly different from anywhere that MeaZea has been before. Strange runes have been carved into the walls. Creatures sit in the corners of the rooms and halls, hidden completely by their red and orange cloaks.

A soft, sweet music drifts through the halls. Crystals serve as the lights. MeaZea asks, “who are they?”

“Monks of the Coin,” answers San, as though that should be obvious. “You won’t need to address them. They don’t speak, anyway.”

He carries San into a room that’s filled with four very large pools. Each pool is filled with a different sweet smelling water.

“The Lord of the Coin knows you’ve arrived,” says San, lowering himself down beside the first pool. It’s filled with green tea and little bubbles of solid honey. “He’ll meet you here. In this room, you can be more sufficient and rely less on others. It should provide you with more comfort during this meeting.”

It appears that MeaZea doesn’t actually have any choice as to whether she wants this comfort or not, because San up dumps her into the pool. By the time that MeaZea surfaces, wet hair clinging to her face, he’s gone.


Katelynn E Koontz – Author