October 22, 2018 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

Once more, MeaZea finds herself on San’s back.

The gazelle is less than pleased. MeaZea can tell that. But he never tries to shake her free or veer from the path, so MeaZea tries not to be stricken with too much concern over the matter.

They continue up the path. It’s not long before they find a field of lavender and goldenrod. This, thinks MeaZea, must be where San came to eat.

“Rabbit,” starts San.

The rabbit will have none of it though. She gives the gazelle a dirty look over her shoulder, and then flings herself forward, into the lush looking field.

MeaZea wants to ask, what is this place?

But she doesn’t dare.

As soon as they part through onto the other side of the field, the rabbit says, “we’re almost there, MeaZea. Not too much longer now, and then you’ll be able to speak to the Caretaker.”

“And he’ll help?” MeaZea runs her hand lightly over the back of San’s neck. “You swear that?”

“We have to hurry,” says the rabbit, instead of answering.

San gives a slight huff. He says, “the Lord of the Coins will do what is best. Of that you can be certain.”

The field of goldenrods and lavender quickly vanishes. The path goes suddenly steep. MeaZea has to lean forward, curling around San’s neck to keep from falling off. In the distance, something gives a shrill laughter.

“Hurry,” screeches the rabbit, making a sudden jerk forward. She hops fast as she can up the side of the mountain. “We’re running out of time!”

“She should have eaten,” snaps San, but he picks up his pace all the same.

MeaZea presses her forehead against San’s soft fur. “What’s going on?”

“The children of the coin,” shouts the rabbit. She sounds – not scared, perhaps, but a step beyond nervous, a step beyond concerned. “They’ve caught our trail again. We have to go! San, hurry!”

“I am!” San shakes his head, irate. His tail is flickering a mile a minute, ears twitching. “Next time, rabbit, you listen to me!”

Up –

– and up –

– and up they go. San braces himself and then leaps back onto level ground.

The laughter stops. The rabbit is sprawled on her side in a mess of clover, flanks heaving as she tries to catch her breath. “We made it.”

San stamps a hoof against the ground. “Through no help of yours!”

MeaZea ignores the spat, looking around with eyes full of wonder. They’re at the outside of a temple. A large brass gong rests just beside the path. “Where is this?”

The rabbit’s ear twitches. “It’s the temple of the Caretaker. We’ll be able to talk to him soon. You’ll be able to get help.”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author