February 27, 2018 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

For a while, they watch the bells from a distance.

WooFZee refuses to go close enough to let MeaZea touch the bells. He’s leery of plants like this, leery of fungus and mushrooms.

Eventually, though, they come to the conclusion that something has to be done.

“We need to destroy the bells or we’re never going to get anywhere,” says MeaZea, firmly. She pulls her katana out from where she keeps it. “I could cut them down.”

WooFZee growls. He asks, “and then what? They’re still going to be in here.”

MeaZea suggests, “we could pull them out.”

“I’m not touching them,” says WooFZee. “And neither are you.”

More time passes.

More ideas are brought up, and then shot down.

Finally, though, MeaZea says, “this is stupid, WooFZee. We have to do something about them. What about burning them?”

“We might get trapped in the tunnels. Or the fire might release spores into the air.”

“That doesn’t matter. At this point, I’m willing to try anything!”

WooFZee growls. “I’m not willing to get sick because of it!”

Something scrapes over the stone. The shadow covered face of a stob-goblin protrudes from the crevice in the wall, and its glowing eyes are haunted.

Red bells
Red bells
They have come to destroy
We guard these halls
So they cannot employ
Red Bells
Red Bells
We must avoid
Clouds of destruction
Songs of the void

WooFZee growls, “I thought they didn’t want to come back this far?”

MeaZea huffs. She says, “you’re the one that can understand them, WooFZee. It’s not like I have the answers.” A pause, and then, “well? What is it saying?”

“Exactly what I told you earlier,” huffs WooFZee. “They let out clouds of destruction; the spores. It says that the stob-goblins are here to guard the halls, so no one can answer the call of the void.”

MeaZea looks at the stob-goblin. Though she cannot understand what it says, the mermaid still asks, “what are we supposed to do to get rid of it?”

The stob-goblin comes all the way into the room. It clings to the side of the wall like a cockroach, unwilling to set foot on the floor, unwilling to go close to the red bell mushrooms.

MeaZea prompts, “what’s it saying, WooFZee?”

The wolf answers, “it’s not saying anything, yet. Give it a minute. Give me a minute.”

The red bells ring
The red bells ring
We cannot hide
These mining roads
Are dark inside
Go away
Before end of day
We cannot save
If you stay
The red bells ring
The red bells ring
We cannot hide
These mining roads
Are dark inside

“We get that,” snaps WooFZee. “What do we have to do to get rid of them?”

The red bells ring
At end of day
I could not make you go away
You chose to stay
These mining roads are dark inside
We told them not to come and hide
When the sun burnt the fields
These bells would ring and steal their seals
The red bells rings
Until the sunlight screams
And these mining roads
Are no longer dark inside

“The sun,” announces WooFZee. “We need to let in the sun.”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author