October 13, 2017 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

MeaZea can’t curtsy but she does her best to wave her arm in the mockery of a bow, and WooFZee dips his head in respect.

“My Lady,” says MeaZea.

Before she can go any further, the water born woman says, “I am Esther, my child. You, too, are a child of water. I can tell that. I can hear the waves lapping against your heart, speaking to me from the depths of your soul. You are no villain.”

“No,” says MeaZea. She leans forward, much as she can. “We’re not here to cause any harm.”

A particularly large bubble drops off of the tip of Esther’s nose. “Child, why do you seek entrance to the Chapel of Halithorn?”

“We must speak with the Queen,” says WooFZee. He steps closer to Esther, though the wolf is also careful not to get his paws in the red water.

MeaZea adds on, “we’re on a quest to repair the watch of the Moon Man. It’s been broken, so he cannot continue the cycle of day and night. We were told to collect springs for him, crafted from the metal and heat forged only on this asteroid.”

“The Queen will not speak with just anyone. She is struggling,” says Esther. The woman drifts to the very edge of the pool of water, her form flowing and pulsing around her, like a fountain struggling to maintain its true shape. “The stob-goblins have created chaos here. She will see no one until they are vanquished and it is she, and she alone, who can gift one with the springs of our people.”

WooFZee growls. He shakes his head, pacing about at the edge of the water. “We need to speak to her! We have to get those springs. Otherwise, we’re going to be trapped in this world forever!”

MeaZea, who has always been a touch more level-headed than WooFZee, asks, “where do the stob-goblins live?”

“Within the mines,” answers Esther. Her gaze drifts to the east, staring at something that no one else can see. “They have claimed the mines as their own. Can you not hear them? Can you not feel them?”

“I can only hear bells,” admits MeaZea.

“The singing stones are mourning this land,” says Esther, her voice dropping into something soft and lilting, like the steady drip-drop of the water falling off the edge of the stone monuments. “They cannot understand what is happening, but they feel the wounds carved into the asteroid more keenly than any other.”

MeaZea cards her fingers through WooFZee’s soft fur. “Can you tell us where the mines are?”

A soft, sad smile settles on Esther’s face. Water runs down her cheeks and gives the illusion that she’s crying. “Regretfully, I can.”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author