August 10, 2017 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

“I get to guess now, right? On what you are?” MeaZea flicks her tail, fins curling with nerves. She thinks that she’s got the right answer, but there’s always a chance that she’s wrong. If that happens, then MeaZea isn’t sure what they’re going to do. She can only think of one animal that the voice might belong too.

“Now you can guess,” says the voice, sounding very pleased with herself. “But make sure you choose carefully, travelers. It’s a long, long way down!”

MeaZea swallows, hard. She leans over WooFZee’s shoulder and risks a glance at the earth far, far beneath them. “No,” she says. “I know that. I’m confident that I can get it on the first try!”

“Confident enough that you’ll give up your other chances?”


“Are you confident enough that you’ll give up your other chances?” The voice churns up a harsh, cold wind. It makes MeaZea’s hair flutter and twist up into snarled things. “If so, you can give them up.”

WooFZee demands, “what do we get for that?”

“Well, we can turn it into another game, of sorts. More of a deal, I guess. IT should still be fun!” The voice gives a tittering, hissing laugh. “You give up all of your guesses but one, and I’ll give you one last hint!”

“We’ll do it,” says MeaZea.

WooFZee’s head snaps up. “What? MeaZea, I don’t think that’s a good deal.”

The mermaid runs her fingers through WooFZee’s ears. “I know it seems strange, but trust me. I think that I already know what she is. This could be the last hint I need!”

WooFZee growls. He’s clearly unhappy about the arrangement. And, really, no one can blame him. There’s such a long drop beneath them, and the prospect of only having one guess…it’s unnerving. But he can sense how determined MeaZea is; he can tell that his partner truly believes she can do this.

So, even though it scares him, he dips his head in a sign of agreement. “Fine. Make your guess.”

“We’ll take the deal,” says MeaZea. Then, firmly, she says, “I know what you are. You are a bat.”

The voice trills with happiness. The wind starts up again, as if the invisible voice is swooping around the duo. “What kind of bat? Be more specific, fish girl, or it doesn’t count!”

“A bat that only eats fruit.” MeaZea points one hand at the place where the voice should be. “You’re a fruit bat!”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author