July 19, 2017 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

“We only have five questions left,” says MeaZea, frowning. “I think…I think I might know what she is. But…it’s a bit of a longshot, WooFZee. I think we need to see this through to the end and ask every question that we can. You, voice, you are a girl, aren’t you?”

“I am,” says the voice. “I will let that question slide, because it was nothing but polite. You still have five questions, travelers!”

MeaZea asks, “can you see in color?”

“I can,” says the voice. “The wolf’s fur is gray, and your tail is a very pretty shade of green!”

WooFZee takes the next question. He asks, “do you have very large ears?”

“I…don’t know what you consider to be large. They fit my face just fine,” says the voice. “But they are larger than the mermaid’s ears. I think that they are middle sized. Is that an okay answer?”

“It’s fine,” says MeaZea, nodding. “I think I have this all figured out, WooFZee. Can I ask the last three questions?”

And WooFZee, who honestly has no idea what sort of creature the voice might be, nods. “Whatever you think is best.”

“Question three,” says MeaZea, holding up three fingers. “Do you have large eyes?”

“Very large eyes,” says the voice. “They are much bigger than the eyes on any of my friends!”

“Question two,” says MeaZea, now only holding up two fingers. “Do you see better in dark light or bright light?”

The voice says, “I prefer low-light, actually. It can be very hard to see out here, when the stars aren’t around. I fly mostly when the Dancers come through this part of the sky, or when the skies are particularly close.”

MeaZea wants to ask what a Dancer is but she bites her tongue. Instead, she holds up just a single finger. “Okay,” she says, taking a deep breath. “This is my last question for you. Then I get to try and guess what you are, right? I don’t need to use that for this question?”

“You get to ask me one more question, and then you get to guess about what I am,” says the voice. “Hurry! Hurry! I want to see exactly how smart you are! Most people can’t figure it out and they have to go all the way back down the stairs!” The voice gives a tittering laugh. “It’s such great fun! You’ve asked wonderful questions so far!”

“Well, let’s just hope that my last question is wonderful too,” says MeaZea. She looks at the place where she thinks the voice is sitting. Then she asks, “do you eat fruit?”

And the voice starts laughing and chirping and tittering. Her wings send up bursts of air. It’s a happy sounding thing when she shouts, “I do, you smart fish! I do eat fruit!”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author