July 7, 2017 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

“Question eight,” announces the voice. “Let’s see if you can pick a good one!”

“All of our questions have been good ones,” grumbles WooFZee. He glares at the ground far, far beneath them. “This game is tedious. How are we supposed to figure it out?”

MeaZea hums. “We should focus on things that have wings and don’t eat meat. Are you a bird?”

The voice laughs. The wind picks up again as the invisible creature flies around. “No! I’m not a bird!”

WooFZee demands, “are you a snake?”

“Snakes don’t fly,” says MeaZea, sounding exasperated. “That was a wasted question!”

“Some snakes fly,” insists WooFZee. “Are you a snake?”

“I’m no snake,” answers the voice. “Try your tenth question! It might be a lucky one!”

WooFZee and MeaZea aren’t so quick to ask their question this time. Both the wolf and the mermaid think it over, trying to figure out what the answer might be. Finally, tentatively, MeaZea asks, “do you have bright colors?”

“I’m very dull,” admits the voice. “I might be black, or brown, or even gray! Do you want to ask me more about colors?”

MeaZea shakes her head. “You have sharp teeth. What else can we learn about your mouth? My tenth question is this: do you have a long tongue?”

“My tongue is so long that it can’t all fit in my mouth,” answers the voice. “In fact, when I’m not eating, it gets tucked away inside my rib cage!”

WooFZee shudders. “Gross.”

“Helpful,” says MeaZea, who has spent many years trying to figure out different things about the world. She has read many books and held many scrolls; she has spoken to many creatures and gone to many lands. For her eleventh question, she asks, “do you sleep during the day?”

“The sun hurts my eyes,” answers the mystery voice.

MeaZea asks, “do you lay eggs?”

“I don’t!”

“Are you afraid of other creatures?”

“There are giant birds that live in the north,” says the voice. “They have wings like eagles, and beaks like toucans, and talons sharp as the stars! I think that they would eat me if I strayed too far from my home. That’s thirteen questions, travelers. You only have seven questions left!”

“And we’re going to make each one of them count,” says MeaZea. She runs her hand through WooFZee’s fur, tugging on his ear. Her tail fin flips and twitches with nerves. “I think that I know what she might be, but I’m not positive. We should use up all of our questions and then make our guess.”

WooFZee nods. “That would be the smartest thing to do. I think…you! Are there creatures afraid of you?”

The voice, sounding rather cheerful, says, “there are! I’m a terror to the starmites, and a beast in the yes of the flutterlights, and a monster in the minds of the come flies!”

Without thinking, MeaZea asks, “are those bugs?”

“That’s a question,” says the voice. “That’s your fifteenth question! Yes, travelers, those are bugs.Look how smart you are! But are you really going to be smart enough?”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author