June 19, 2017 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

It’s decided, very quickly, that MeaZea will go first. For the first question, she asks, “are you always invisible?”

“No,” says the voice. It laughs, as if that was the funniest question that could be asked. There is no explanation offered up.

WooFZea asks the second question. He’s still not happy that they only get ten questions each, rather than twenty questions each. He asks, “do you have wings?”

“Yes,” answers the voice, cheerfully. It swoops down, and a gust of wind sends MeaZea’s hair fluttering in the breeze. “I have wings, and they are lovely! Oh, you should see them!”

MeaZea wants to ask if they can see them, but she bites her tongue. They have to make these questions count! Instead, she runs her fingers through WooFZee’s fur and asks, “are you very large?”

There’s a moment of silence. When the creature talks again, her voice is coming from the edge of the asteroid. “No, I’m not very large. But that doesn’t mean I’m not very powerful, sillies. You’ve never met someone powerful as me!”

WooFZee bares his teeth at the void around them. “Do you have fur?”

“Yes,” answers the voice, and MeaZea is starting to think that maybe it can only tell the truth. There’s no hesitation, and just such an earnest tone to the whole thing. “I have fur, but only in some spots.”

“Do you have scales in the other spots?” MeaZea is thinking, of course, about dragons. They have wings, and strange powers, and can sometimes grow fur. Especially those from the lands to the far, far east.

“No,” says the voice. “I don’t have any scales. That’s your fifth question! You only have fifteen questions left! I bet you still don’t have any idea what I am, do you?” The voice laughs. “This is so much fun! I love playing games!”

“I don’t,” grumbles WooFZee, with a flick of his ears. He wants to be anywhere but here, standing on this step that can’t be seen, surrounded by empty air and an awful fall. “And I don’t see how this game is any fun at all.”

“Don’t make it angry,” scolds MeaZea. Then, to the creature, she says, “I have the sixth question. What do you eat?”

Another tittering laugh. “It has to be a yes or no question, you silly mermaid!”

MeaZea sighs. “Fine, fine. In that case, my sixth question is this. Do you only eat meat?”

“No! In fact,” answers the creature, who firmly believes in a fair game and thorough answers. “I don’t eat meat at all!”

WooFZee, quick as can be, asks, “do you have very sharp teeth?”

“What a good question,” chitters the voice. “I have very sharp teeth! They can bite through just about anything!”

MEaZea hums. “So you have wings and fur, but only in some spots. You don’t eat meat, but you have very sharp teeth. You aren’t always invisible, but you are right now, and you don’t have any scales. Stranger and stranger!”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author