May 23, 2017 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

No matter what way MeaZea twists and turns the map, the runes still don’t turn into anything legible. She says, “we need to figure something out.”

And so, unsure of what that something might be, they wander around beneath the asteroid belt for a while. The floating rocks cast strange shadows on the black grounds. Eventually, they come across a place where the vorpal black that they walk on is littered with bits and fragments of rocks.

Frustrated with the apparent inability to get up into the asteroid belt, MeaZea leans down and grabs one of the rocks. “This is ridiculous!”

The mermaid pitches the rock upwards and to her left. It lands on the ground soundlessly.

“I can’t believe we’re still looking for a way to get up there!” MeaZea grabs another rock. This time, she pitches it more to her right.

Again, it lands soundlessly.

Again, she grabs another stone. This time, she throws it directly ahead of WooFZee. This time, it lands, several feet above the ground, with a dull thud.

MeaZea and WooFZee both freeze. The stone stays there, hesitating, just above the black that has been come to be called earth. The mermaid leans forward, just a little, and curls her hands in the wolf’s thick gray fur. “I think we found them.”

“Get more stones,” barks WooFZee. He slinks towards the first step, moving slow enough that his mermaid companion can gather up more stones, until there is a bundle of them resting between the breadth of his shoulder blades.

Slowly, hesitantly, WooFZee puts a front paw on the first step. The wolf twitches his ears. His tail dips down, just a little bit. “Should we even trust that this is safe?”

“I’m sure it’s safe,” says MeaZea, firmly. She picks up another stone, tossing it lightly ahead of them. Again, it lands on the invisible steps. Again, WooFZee steps upwards. Now, all but one back paw is on the staircase. “This looks like the only way up there.”

“I don’t like walking on air,” says WooFZee. “Wolves aren’t meant to fly, MeaZea.”

“It’s a good thing you aren’t flying,” says MeaZea, trying to sound cheerful. Really, though, the nerves are biting at the back of her teeth. She tosses another stone – and this time it falls back down to the vorpal black.

The wolf freezes. He stares at the nothingness and whines. “What happened to the rest of the stairs?”

“Maybe – maybe it turns?” MeaZea doesn’t sound convinced of her suggestion, but she tries it anyway. The stone to the left falls. The stone to the right, however, lands on another step. “See? It just…turned.”

“The asteroid belt is hundreds of feet above us,” says WooFZee. “We can’t carry enough stones to make sure that we’re actually stepping on this staircase.”

“That’s okay,” says MeaZea, drawing forth her katana. She jabs it to the left, first, and it slides through the air. When she jabs it to the right, however, it catches on the step with a soft, barely there sound. “See? I can get us up there.”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author