April 19, 2017 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

Akana leads MeaZea and WooFZee around the basin of the lake. The waterfall is running clear now; beautiful bursts of silver and white light, mixed in with an ethereal looking stream of water. They come from nowhere, from the sky, from a place where no one can see.

And yet, as they round the bank, there’s a small hollow carved into the air itself. “Our home,” explains Akana. “Let me take you somewhere nice, and then I’ll see what I can find out about the watch.”

The moon faerie leads the way into the hollow. At first, there’s nothing but the most pitch of black. Slowly, though, small stars appear on the wall of the cave. It takes the mermaid a moment to realize that it’s actually a set of brightly glowing mushrooms!

“Wow,” she breathes.

WooFZee flicks his ears. “How far in do we have to go? I don’t like caves.”

It’s a rare admission. MeaZea strokes the wolf’s head between his ears. “I’m sure it’s going to get brighter soon.”

“It won’t,” says Akana, unrepentantly. She leads them onwards, eventually coming to a decent sized cavern. Again, the mushrooms are the only source of light. Once there, she holds out her hand. “The watch?”

MeaZea gives the faerie the broken watch. “Can you tell us how to fix it?”

Akana hems. She haws. She turns the watch this way and that. Then, finally, with her face twisted into a carmine frown, she says, “this watch needs to be fixed, and soon. I can fix it, but not with the supplies that I have here. I need springs carved in the Asteroid Belt. I need a gem from the mines to the south. And star dust – I need star dust, plucked from the North Star herself.”

“If you tell us how, we can get them,” says MeaZea. “We can help you fix this.”

“You don’t understand how much work this is going to be,” says Akana, shaking her. “This is going to be dangerous.”

WooFZee says, “We’re used to danger. This is what we do, Akana. We help people.”

Akana asks, “but why? Why put yourself at risk like this?”

“Because no one else will,” answers MeaZea. “And because if there’s something we can do, we should try. The world is a dangerous place, and life is hard for everyone. I think we should help whenever we’re able too. So just tell us where to go, and we’ll do everything we can to fix it.”

“Get the springs first,” instructs Akana. “That will be the easiest. Just…make sure you’re careful. The Asteroid Belt, it’s a dangerous place.”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author