April 11, 2017 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

For a very long moment, the Star Fire doesn’t say anything. Then, finally, she nods her head. IT’s a single, sharp motion. “I will accept that as penance.”

Confused, MeaZea says, “what’s going on? Why would that serve as penance?”

“Moon Faeries have a healing, cleansing magic. If I give my magic to this water…” Anakin trails off. She puts both hands into the water, letting her figners slide through the murk. “I can give up my magic in exchange for cleaning the springs.

WooFZee gasps. The sound is lost under the sudden muttering of the other moon faeries. He demands, “would you have any magic left?”

Anakin shakes her head. “No, but that’s okay. These waterfalls are so beyond important. My people…all of the people – “

“But the moon man,” interrupts MeaZea.

“My sister can help you with him,” says Anakin. And then, before anything else can be said, she leans forward and slips head first into the water. At first, nothing happens. The murk swallows her whole. She drifts down, down, down to the very bottom of the spring, far from sight.

MeaZea holds her breath. For a moment, she doesn’t think that anything has happened. “WooFZee?”

“Wait,” says the wolf, for his sense are far keener. Already, he can feel the magic drifting into the air.

One, two, three seconds pass by. Then a silver glow appears at the very bottom of the spring. It spreads through the water, pushing away the murk, erasing the very last traces of golden dust. The silver glow pushes outwards, finally exploding in a burst of cold air and blinding light.

MeaZea squeals, throwing one arm up to cover her eyes. When the light clears, the water of the Starshine Falls is once more filled with a glorious silver light. It looks as though the water is filled up with star dust, as if moon beams have turned into liquid form and come crashing down into this one place.

Anakin doesn’t come back up.

The Star Fire looks at the water, expression blank. She nods her head, just once. “I will accept this.”

Then, the strange creature starts to shimmer. She vanishes in a burst of golden light, her entire form swept away in a non existent wind.

MeaZea is heart broken. “I couldn’t save her.”

A small voice says, “but she saved all of us, and so did you.”

A moon faerie that doesn’t look very different from Anakin steps forward. MeaZea sniffles. “I’m sorry. I wanted to help you, and I just got Anakin killed.”

“Moon Faeries don’t die,” says the new spokes faerie. “We are reborn as stars. One day, she will come back to our realm in the form of the light that courses through this water, and she will be reborn again in a human form. For now, though, I will take her place. I am Akana, her younger sister.”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author