March 20, 2017 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

“What does that mean?” MeaZea clutches at the edge of the gap, tail flowing slowly in the current. The glow is warm, but not in a comforting way. If anything, it makes her skin crawl, it makes her scales slither and snap together.

It means what it means. I did what had to be done, responds the Star Fire, large bubbles drifting out of the hole. The fae were too powerful. The fae were too vain. They thought themselves better then others. Better then this world. Better….then me.

The words are said without any real emotion, but there’s something scary about them anyway. MeaZea can’t think of anything to say. She gasps, words scratching soundlessly at the back of her throat.

I did what the world needed done. I did what everyone deserved.

“You turned them into these monsters on purpose,” says MeaZea, finally. “But…what did they do to you?”

They let greed devour their hearts. And so, I turned their greed into a physical shape. I let the world see what lay beneath the star dust and glamour. It’s a truth that I’ve granted everyone. I did nothing but reveal their inner darkness.

“You ruined them,” says MeaZea. “Please, you have to change things! They’ve lost track of themselves. All of their intelligence, it’s gone! Their humanity –“

Was lost a long time ago.

“No, that’s not true! We’re supposed to be greedy! That’s in the nature of every living creature! When we find something that makes us happy, we want more of it. Sometimes, we get too greedy. But that’s okay,” says MeaZea, desperately. “It’s okay, because it happens to everyone! The world is too large and life is too short to dwell on our imperfections. Greed, jealousy, envy, those are normal things. We all feel like that sometimes. Pride is easy to let grow into something ugly.”

Then you know what they looked like. What their souls looked like.

“I know that they were good people,” says MeaZea.

You’ve never met them before today, says the Star Fire.

“No, but others have. Others have met them and praised their intelligence, their kindness, and their willing to help solve problems. Star Fire,” begs MeaZea. “Give me a chance to prove this to you! Turn them back, just for a little while. I’ll show you that they can be good people. I’ll show you that they can fix their mistakes.”

For a very long time, the Star Fire says nothing. It just sits at the bottom of the pit, letting off that strange golden glow. But then, when MeaZea is starting to think that all hope has been lost, a strange wave of silver starts to creep out of the glow.

Alright, says the Star Fire. One chance. You can have one chance. Show me. Show me what they can do. Show me that they can be good people.


Katelynn E Koontz – Author